Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Freshly Baked Buns @ Hi-Bread

We were supposed to go eat laksa at Chong Choon, Abell Road. We went in 2 cars because I wanted to head for work after that. But upon reaching there, Dad decided to drive home because there was something obviously wrong with his car! A foul smell emitted from the engine, and I too was worried that Mom and Dad would be stranded in town later on. So off the folks went home without breakfast, and I could only pray that they would get home safely.

Instead of laksa, I headed to Hi-Bread which was just around the corner at Jalan Petanak, and I decided to buy some bread for the folks. Of the many types of buns sold, I chose to try the buttermilk buns (recommended by Hans earlier), and also the raisin buns .... each were RM1.20.

Buttermilk & Raisin buns, RM1.20 each

Cross-sections ... 

Back at home, I had the buns cut - the raisin buns were of course devoid of any filling .... but the buttermilk filling was generous, sweet, rich and satisfying. The buns were really soft of course, because they were fresh from the oven. The folks too, loved the buns. :))


  1. Glad that you liked the buttermilk buns. Yes, they have that oven-baked freshness too. I like it that the filling isn't overly oily, dry or graimy. Besides, it seems to have a good milk taste to it too. My family sometimes buy butter buns from Mita Cake House, the 6 conjoined buns type. The filling is very loose and when eaten, the filling will drop all over the place before you can finish the bun. I guess the types of buttermilk buns out there are as varied as kolo mee.

  2. Thanks for your recommendation, Hans! I was happy to find a another place in town that sold good buttermilk buns! Before this, Dad liked the ones from Abee at 4th mile (Dad claimed that the buns there are better than the Padungan outlet), and also from All Joy at Khoo Hun Yeang Street.



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