Monday, May 16, 2016

Teachers' Day 2016

Happy Teachers Day! Our school had an early celebration last Friday with a simple assembly. Surprisingly this year, the students show me and my colleagues a lot of love! I've amassed a tube of body lotion, a branded eau de toilette, chocolates, a mug and a notebook set ... not that I need any more of those, but I do appreciate the students' gesture. And I was especially surprised to receive gifts and cards from those that I least expect to receive anything from!

This year's surprise! 

The gifts aside, I especially cherish the messages of appreciation from the students. Those cards nearly made me tear, and I think that all that I've been doing for the students have been worthwhile. Even more encouraging were text messages and wishes I've received from former students. I'm happy that many are getting on well in their life's journey. And of course, I'm happier to know of their achievements thus far. 

One particular young man, P informed me that he would be called to the Malayan Bar this Friday! Aahh, I am so happy and so proud of him - especially when I recalled how dejected he was when he had just transferred to my school back when he was 19 years old. Back then, he had rejected the offer to go to Matriculations and decided to stay for Form 6, and even then, wondering whether he had made the right choice. 

For a period of time, he was shrouded in uncertainty, until I pulled him aside and  insisted that he had made the correct decision. I stuck by him for a year and a half and true enough, he did well. He achieved a CGPA of 3.83. It was good results, but I was so worried about whether it would be good enough for him to read law at UM since it was all he ever wanted. So imagine how ecstatic I was when he finally got in! 

Over the years, P came back to visit me during his holidays .... and I am always so happy to see him. Since my transfer to Kuching, we have not met up, but he has since kept me notified of all the important events in his life. 

It's been 6 years since P graduated from Form 6 and left school ... but I remember everything like it was yesterday. I believe every teacher has a story like this to tell because there have been so many lives that they have touched. 

This year also, we had our annual teachers' day dinner at Imperial Hotel, Kuching. Food was mediocre ... but guess what? I got an Obermain leather laptop bag from the lucky draw! Goodness! How lucky I was even when I broke my vanity mirror that same evening while getting ready for the dinner. Wasn't it said that one would be seven years unlucky if he or she has broken a mirror? Hmn ...

Today, another surprise came in at school when we each received a packet of Nasi Briyani for lunch. It was courtesy of last year's SPM achiever of the school who will soon be leaving to pursue a course in medicine. It was nice of him to remember his teachers.

Anyway, Happy Teachers' Day to all my fellow educators near and far! Guru Pembina Negara Bangsa. 

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