Sunday, March 20, 2016

Poh Yak Pork Meatballs

I went to visit J's newly-completed house the other day. It's located at the Moyan area, which was to me, quite a distance away .... but the house itself and its surroundings looked pretty good. On the way back, we stopped at the Batu Kawa old bazaar for lunch ... and of course, what better thing to eat here than the famous pork meatballs.

We at at Poh Yak, reputed to be the oldest in the business, having sold pork meatballs since before the Japanese occupation during World War 2 (Ref: Borneo Talk, Vol.19, p.11). We had noodles with a bowl of pork meatballs.

 Noodles, dry-tossed in aromatic oils
Well-cooked, springy, fragrant. Very tasty.

Pork meatball soup 
Soup was sweet, umami; the meatballs succulent, bouncy, and had a homemade feel to it. :))

It's my first time eating here, and I do quite like it. :))

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Amigo Churros

"I saw someone holding churros and coming out from Giant Stutong," S told me. She was so excited. But she was in a hurry and did not have time to hunt those churros down. So we'd been talking about churros at Giant Stutong for a while now ... and today, we finally went to get it.

Amigo Churros. It's a corner stall, right next to the toilets on the right side of the building where Guardian is. Excited, we placed an order ...

RM5.90 for 4 pieces, free 1 topping, an additional RM1.50 for extra topping
We chose oreo chocolate chip and caramel 

We waited for some 5 minutes before the churros were ready .... and we carried it to the benches right outside Guardian and sat down to enjoy our snack. We each took a stick and bit into them .... and were disappointed. The pastry was really hard on the outside, and was not fluffy at all inside. The caramel sauce was also too diluted. I did not bother to try the chocolate sauce.

Sigh ..... I wouldn't eat this a second time.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Certainly Not Bourdain-Quality

Yesterday morning, we went to Choon Hui for laksa. Choon Hui at Ban Hock Road had gotten much attention last year when Anthony Bourdain came for his ultimate bowl of Sarawak Laksa. I had looked at that bowl of laksa on social media and had aboslutely drooled. I'm certain many drooled as well. Lol.

Source :

That's his bowl of yummy goodness! 

Source :

Choon Hui had since then gotten more popular, and it's very common to see long lines of cars parked by the road just outside the coffee shop from very early in the morning. Who cares about obstructing traffic, right? 

My breakfast 

Maybe because I had too high an expectation, I was totally disappointed with my breakfast. Let's deconstruct. Firstly, among the three items, the coffee was probably the best! It was reasonably thick, and was drinkable even without sugar. The kaya toast was tasteless - no taste of butter nor the sweetness or the lemak from the kaya. The laksa (RM6.00), too, was bland and diluted. Period. 

Verdict? OVERRATED! Not coming back.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Charcoal Stirfried Foochow Specialties

It's been a while since I have blogged. I've been busy watching Running Man. I'm certainly a late-comer to Running Man. Lol! I never imagined that I would get hooked, but I did. Sigh. It really kept me superbly entertained. Anyway, I am excited to share this find at 626 Food Corner at Wisma Nation Horizon at Petanak. It's at the block right behind 7-11.

Stir-fried Zao Cai Fen Gan (糟菜粉干), RM6.00
Fragrant, smoky, sour, not too greasy, absolutely delicious!

Seafood Zao Cai Fen Gan (糟菜粉干), RM9.00
There're fish slices, prawns, pork, black fungus and surimi crab sticks in the very thick and sour broth. Absolutely yummy. :))

 Stir-fried Kueh Tiaw, RM5.00
Well-fried, but not as aromatic as it could have been ... 

 Chicken Soup Mee Suah, RM5.00
The soup is fantastic! Thick and flavourful and aromatic because of the generous use of red rice wine. Only available on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

A whole group of us visited this coffee shop one morning upon the recommendation of a colleague. We found the food to our liking, so we had gone back a few times more after that. Do try it yourself, but be prepared to wait a while because each portion of noodles are stir-fried individually. 

Well, I've been searching for a good bowl of Zao Cai Fen Gan (糟菜粉干) in Kuching, and I think I've found it. :))


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