Monday, August 31, 2015

Kolo Mee @ Stall 15 Min Kee

I just found another kolo me which I liked. This one ..... was slightly pink .... meaning that it had a bit of char siew oil infused ....

Yummy kolo mee with a tinge of pink ..... 

This was from Min Kee, Stall 15 from Kenyalang Park Wet Market. This packet cost only RM2.50. I liked the springiness of the noodles, meaning that it was well-blanched and not soggy. The seasoning for the noodles was well-balanced, not too salty ... And most importantly, the noodle were very aromatic. What I liked was the subtle hint of sweet char siew sauce which tickled my palate ... not really there and yet it was there ..... Very good. :))

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Eating Out Of The Box

I'm going to be eating out of the box regularly now, because Mom and Dad are away ..... and I do not think that I will be cooking much.


This one was bought from Taiwan Siou Jou at Jalan Padungan. It's packed all the time because the food here is affordable. :))

And it was coincidental that I met M, my former student in Miri .... who's studying at Polytechnic Kuching now. It's always great to see former students around. :))

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kicking Off The Long Weekend With ....

When I woke up, it was nearly 8.00 a.m. I did not have anything planned, and was just going to spend the day lazily. I totally deserved a good long weekend after completing a big project just 2 days ago! Phew! It had been a stressful 2 weeks and I am really looking forward to having nothing to do for the next 3 days. I wasn't going to cook or clean. I wasn't going to do any work. I was just going to laze. Lol.

At about 9.30, I was at Kenyalang Park wet market ... and found that most of the stalls had already closed. So early! There was food at the coffee shops .... but I did not quite see anything that I liked. I only bought some kueh from Yong Kwang Cafe, and then it was off to Servay Hypermarket at EG Mall to get some groceries.

Actually, I wanted to eat Nasi Lemak ... and I really didn't know where good Nasi Lemak was available in town. I was browsing at the stalls at Thian You Food Court at King's Centre and I chanced upon a stall selling it ....

Nasi lemak, RM5.00 from Thian You Food Court @ King's Centre
Kuih from Yong Kwang Cafe @ Kenyalang Park Commercial Centre
Hot coffee and lemon water 

Overall, I was happy with the nasi lemak. The rice was subtly flavoured with santan, soft and fluffy too. The all important sambal was good - it had a good consistency, was savoury and piquant. The fried chicken was well-marinated, crispy on the outside. Then, there's half a hard-boiled egg, anchovies and peanuts. Only that there was no cucumbers .... I added those in the pic myself back home. And you can see that the portion is generous. RM5.00 was definitely worth it.

I was too full after eating the nasi lemak ..... and would be eating the kuehs later on ..... perhaps for dinner. Lol.

Have a good long merdeka weekend.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Familiar With The Folks

The folks got all excited at Hui Sing Hawker Centre because they hadn't come for a long time. This time, we did not order the all-famous noodles .... we'd do that next time. Mom insisted that we come again next week. Lol.

Tonight, Mom wanted to eat kueh chap .... so we ordered one bowl from Stall no. 20, Lok Lok.

The stalls ... 

Kueh Chap, RM5.00
I appreciated the boiling hot broth on smooth pieces of rice flour kueh, and also the generous amount of braised ingredients like meat - lean and fatty, intestines, and tofu. The accompaniment chilli sauce was good too! 

Dad wanted the old school satay from Hap Chen Hian .... 

Satay, RM0.70 per piece
Dad said there seemed to be improvement, cause the each skewer of meat was now bigger and juicier and yet wasn't too hard or tough to chew ..... I have to agree with him. 

Me? I only wanted to drink ..... 

White Lady
This all famous drink is from Stall 21 Ah Meng's. And this concoction called the White Lady had a mixture of longans, pineapples, mango juice and milk. Stir everything up to get a peach-coloured concoction of milky and fruity delight. Not too sweet to the palate, rich from the taste of milk .... enjoyable. Yums.


Yummy :))

I also ordered the Matterhorn. This was a light and refreshing bowl of longan, pineapples, cendol, grass jelly, some pink coloured jelly strips and also a slice of lemon. With these ingredients packed inside the bowl, a mountain of shaved ice topped the bowl, making it to resemble the white peaks of the famous Swiss mountain. I loved this more than the White Lady. :)) 

Yummy servings of goodness ... 

Mom said she much preferred the Hui Sing Hawker Stalls rather than Kuching Fest .... lol. She wanted to come again. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

2 Buns

Today I was blessed with 2 pieces of buns - 1 baked and 1 steamed. The baked bun was made by C while the steamed bun was made by W's wife. C had made the baked buns for us before and we all loved them so much.... and now she reprised the recipe and made more. But it's the first time I had W's wife's steamed bun. The pastry looked so smooth while the filling inside as of mung bean paste. Very nice as it's not too sweet.

 Today's blessing ... 

Yummy homemade lunch ... 

My colleagues are so generous .... love them to bits!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lunches @ G.S. Cafe Lee Ling

Work brought me to the Matang area ... and I joined my colleagues for lunch at G.S. Cafe Lee Ling. It was apparently their cafe of choice because we went there consecutively for 2 days. On the first day, I had rice with dishes from the economic rice stall fronting the shop.

Rice and 3 dishes, RM5.00

There weren't many choices of dishes ... and they did not seem to look appetising. Of the 3 dishes I took, I enjoyed the bamboo shoots the most. I liked the texture - crunchy and not too fibrous. 

On the second day, I had ... 

Laksa, RM5.00

It was quite a big bowl, and the taste of the broth was good - spicy, with just the right consistency. No prawns but in their place were squid rings. It was not a bad eat ....

What my colleagues liked here was the Kacangma chicken ..... bought from the first stall on the left as you walk into the shop. It's not sold every day .... this stall it sells only a fixed menu of Kacangma chicken, curry chicken, stuffed bittergourd soup, and braised pork rice, its menu changes daily. The vendor does not have a fixed day for each item ..... so you might just not get what you want to eat if you go on the wrong day ...

Well, I wouldn't normally venture here for food ... so these were those few rare occasions that I did. :))

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Scare

I was set to have a good Sunday ....

Sunday breakfast with Gardenia bread airflown from Singapore by my Second Aunt, and of course with my favourite sausage and egg filling and a hot cup of coffee .... 

And then suddenly, Second Uncle got ill. He was shivering in bed and could not get up and out of bed. He did not even have the strength to call out for help. It was when Second Aunt happened to check on him upstairs in the bedroom that she found out what happened. 

We all got scared. Second Uncle had heart problems and had done a bypass surgery many years ago, and we feared that he was suffering from a heart attack. 

We contemplated about what to do before we dialed 991 for the ambulance. It arrived about 15 minutes later ..... but then by then, Second Aunt had gotten Second Uncle out of bed and helped him slowly down the stairs. We got Second Uncle sent to the hospital anyway ...... 

And after a thorough check up, the doctor confirmed that he was having an infection .... phew .... and he stayed in the hospital to receive outpatient treatment ..... and was discharged soon enough. 

Second Aunt had flown back from Singapore for the weekend .... so timely as otherwise Second Uncle would have been home alone .... and in his room all alone ..... and no one would have known his condition. We had a real scare, but were all glad that Second Uncle was alright.

Since that day, Second Uncle had recovered, thank goodness. We all help to look out for him and will continue to do so daily. :)) 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Birthday Dinner @ Family Seafood Centre, Hui Sing

It was my birthday, so we went out to have a simple meal at Family Seafood Centre, Hui Sing.

Fresh lime, RM1.60 

Midin with red wine, RM8.00
Rice, RM1.00 per bowl

Family Seafood Centre Signature tofu, RM8.00

Crispy oyster omelette, RM10.00 

Nan Ru Pork Belly, RM8.00 

I think food is cheap here. All these cost RM40.60 only - Food cost RM38.30, and we paid RM2.30 worth of GST. Of all the dishes, my favourite was the Midin with red wine which tasted really good. The rest were averagely done ..... nonetheless, it was a pleasant meal. :))

Oh and I got this in the mail yesterday ....

Free watch from Reader's Digest Asia .... birthday gift? Lol .... 

Happy hatch day to me. :))

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Baby ZX Full Moon Lunch

For a table of 10, we could choose 3 meat dishes, 3 vegetables and beancurd dishes, and 1 soup. All for RM18.00 per pax. So today, we went to Overseas Seafood Restaurant at Airport Road for lunch, to celebrate my nephew, Baby ZX's Full Moon. He's only 38 days old today .... and so cute. :))

Stewed chicken with assorted mushrooms (Meat 1) 
I loved this dish .... the combination of chicken and mushrooms could never go wrong, and the gravy was nice to eat with rice 

Fish Maw Soup
The soup was really umami! Nice to drink. Slurps. 

There's seafood in there .... prawns and cuttlefish slices, besides the fish maw

French beans with mei chai (Vegetables 1) 

Beancurd skin with vegetable sticks (Vegetables 2) 

Braised Pigs' Trotters (Meat 2)
Very tasty, and the meat was soft and tender and we loved the melt-in-the-mouth skin .... 

Steamed beancurd with salted fish and minced meat (Vegetables 3) 
I loved the tasty meat paste on top of the beancurd. Nice. 

Here's another look at it .... 

Deep-fried fish fillet with fermented black bean sauce (Meat 3)
The fish was fried to crisp perfection ..... and the sauce was rather unique. 

Very sweet fruits to end the meal. 

There were 40 of us eating ... the bill came to RM809.00 .... inclusive of canned drinks which we ordered separately. Cheap and happy and full. :))

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kuching Festival Fair : Visit Number Three

Today, Fourth Aunt asked me to go with her. So I did and accompanied her .... and it drew my attention to focus on what interested her - items otherwise I would have overlooked because they weren't in my "To Eat" list. Lol. She was also more interested in food or snacks which she could "take away" to eat at home.

So Fourth Aunt bought some Laksa Ham Chi Peng ....

Laksa Ham Chi Peng, RM2.00 for 4 pieces 
I did not try them, but Fourth Aunt seemed to find this palatable. Also easy to reheat at home. Just pop into the oven and reheat. Suited Fourth Aunt just fine. 

Acar Bamboo Shoots, RM6.00 per tub
I found this very tasty ..... but I did not buy it; Fourth Aunt bought it to be consumed with rice at home. Both the the Ham Chi Peng and the bamboo shoots were bought from the laksa stall, on the left if you walked in from the main entrace (that row where Pezzo Pizza was ...)

Then I talked Fourth Aunt into buying this deep-fried squid from Squid King, so she did. Lol. 

Super yummy deep-fried squid, RM8.00 each

Fourth Aunt bought 1 piece of rice wrapped peach kueh and also 1 piece of rice dumpling. 

RM1.00 each from It Hng

RM5.00 from It Hng

Then she wanted to buy these Singapore-style Apam Balik .... 


But the vendor refused to sell her only 1 piece. Lol ..... so she ended up not buying anything ..... 

Today, I came for this ... 

Lamb Lambo by Carvery,
It's the very last stall at the far end near the Jubilee Ground. 

Oooh .... roasted lamb leg and a 6-inch baguette .... 

The bread roll was buttered and toasted ..... then lined with lettuce, shredded carrots, shredded cucumbers, shredded sauteed cabbage, chopped pineapples, shredded gherkin, chopped tomatoes, and then thin slices of roasted lamb leg, and dressed with mint yoghurt and mustard. 

Lamb Lambo being assembled .... 

Yummy :))
I shared my lamb sandwich with Fourth Aunt ..... we both liked it; the lamb was fresh and tender and I loved the fresh vegetables that went into the sandwich.

Every year, there's a stall that commands a long, long queue. This year's long queue occurs at ThaiCool that sells stir-fried ice-cream. In fact, I counted at least 5 other stalls selling the same thing. But then there's hardly a queue at the other stalls. Fourth Aunt, who heard about the ice-cream from her friends, was keen to try .... but of course was unwilling to queue. I, too, was unwilling to queue. I suggested to her to buy from an alternative stall .... but she was hesitant.

Having tried the stir-fried ice-cream already during my previous visit here, I no longer wanted to eat it. So I decided to go for .....

Okinawan sweet potato ice-cream 
I loved the mochi and the soft and sweet potato, served with vanilla ice-cream and with a sprinkle of kinako powder. Not bad. Fourth Aunt liked it too, and said it wasn't too sweet.

I think this would be my last visit to the fair this year ... there's a few more days left, they close shop on 23 August. So hurry and visit if you haven't. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Eating In Front Of My Scripts

I've been busy .... marking. So I've been having my snacks in front of my scripts.

Triangular chai kueh, RM0.60
This one's filled with salted vegetables ... 

This one is with chives inside ... 

Of the two, I much preferred the salted vegetables version. Each piece is RM0.60, and is bought from the Siburan market - only available on Thursdays and Fridays. Nope, I did not drive all the way there. I had a colleague who lived there ... and she bought these goodies for us. Yums. 

 Airflown steamed bao 

The bao was really tasty - the filling was juicy and moist. Yums. Airflown from Singapore by Second Aunt. :)) 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

ABC and Rojak @ Cloud Corner, Yoshi Square

T and I went shopping at Boulevard Shopping Mall .... and she bought lots of clothes for the kids at the fraction of a price! RM330 is equivalent to only SGD115! Cheap for her! So after that we went searching for something to munch on .... we went to Tabuan Heights Commercial Centre, intending to head for Starbucks .... but then we got sidetracked to the hawker places nearby. Lol. In the end, we preferred to eat ABC and rojak at Cloud Corner @ Yoshi Square.

 ABC with milk, RM2.50 

One could have ABC with coconut milk too, for only RM2.20. The exact same ingredient, with just the option of adding coconut milk in place of milk ... and cheaper too. We both loved the ABC which was not too sweet, rich in flavour and full of texture. Recommended. 

Rojak, RM5.00 (small)

The rojak was yum too .... the fruits cut thinly, the deep-fried youtiao provided crunch. The rojak sauce was tasty - sweet, piquant. The consistency of the sauce was good too. We enjoyed our little break lots. :))

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Baby C's Full Moon

My niece, baby C was 40 days old .... and we celebrated her full moon party at her home. Lunch was catered for 100 people from Lok Thian Restaurant. This was what we ate .....

Fried Rice 

Fried noodles 

Kacangma Chicken
This was cooked by the confinement auntie, not by Lok Thian. I found that it wasn't sweet enough, because she did not use red glutinous wine.

Roasted chicken with cucumber pickles
I loved this dish! The chicken was tender and juicy, the skin was flavourful .... and it was really nice to eat together with the crunchy, sweet and tangy pickles. Yums. 

Sweet and sour spare ribs 

Prawns and meat rolls 

 Mixed vegetables with cashews

 Salted egg custard balls, homegrown guava and red eggs 

 My platter from the buffet 

Aside from these yummies, there were .... 

 Pretty macarons

 Colourful eclairs 

Angku, cupcakes and red velvet cheese cake .... 

Food was good, atmosphere was good - it was a happy occasion .... and everyone enjoyed mingling about. :)) 


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