Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Familiar With The Folks

The folks got all excited at Hui Sing Hawker Centre because they hadn't come for a long time. This time, we did not order the all-famous noodles .... we'd do that next time. Mom insisted that we come again next week. Lol.

Tonight, Mom wanted to eat kueh chap .... so we ordered one bowl from Stall no. 20, Lok Lok.

The stalls ... 

Kueh Chap, RM5.00
I appreciated the boiling hot broth on smooth pieces of rice flour kueh, and also the generous amount of braised ingredients like meat - lean and fatty, intestines, and tofu. The accompaniment chilli sauce was good too! 

Dad wanted the old school satay from Hap Chen Hian .... 

Satay, RM0.70 per piece
Dad said there seemed to be improvement, cause the each skewer of meat was now bigger and juicier and yet wasn't too hard or tough to chew ..... I have to agree with him. 

Me? I only wanted to drink ..... 

White Lady
This all famous drink is from Stall 21 Ah Meng's. And this concoction called the White Lady had a mixture of longans, pineapples, mango juice and milk. Stir everything up to get a peach-coloured concoction of milky and fruity delight. Not too sweet to the palate, rich from the taste of milk .... enjoyable. Yums.


Yummy :))

I also ordered the Matterhorn. This was a light and refreshing bowl of longan, pineapples, cendol, grass jelly, some pink coloured jelly strips and also a slice of lemon. With these ingredients packed inside the bowl, a mountain of shaved ice topped the bowl, making it to resemble the white peaks of the famous Swiss mountain. I loved this more than the White Lady. :)) 

Yummy servings of goodness ... 

Mom said she much preferred the Hui Sing Hawker Stalls rather than Kuching Fest .... lol. She wanted to come again. 


  1. Yeah... me too . Love the mettahorn than other drink..light and refreshing..

  2. I have a sore throat now but still salivate at the sight of the satay.

  3. Yeah ..... the matterhorn is so good that i think about it and crave for it from time to time. Have you tried Hap Chen Hian's satay, sintaicharles? They are old school. :))

  4. I have not tried, but I tried the one opposite a temple in town, the name of the street escapes me. I also once ordered satay from one of a wooden stall, can't remember the street's name too. There are also other stalls selling Chang and Kuih chap, somewhere on the corner of two intersecting roads......

  5. Here in Kuching, Hap Chen Hian used to be synonymous with satay because they've been in business for decades. At one point, I felt that the quality of their satay deteriorated .... but the ones I ate the other day seemed to have improved greatly. Do try it when you're in town. :))



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