Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kuching Festival Fair : Visit Number Three

Today, Fourth Aunt asked me to go with her. So I did and accompanied her .... and it drew my attention to focus on what interested her - items otherwise I would have overlooked because they weren't in my "To Eat" list. Lol. She was also more interested in food or snacks which she could "take away" to eat at home.

So Fourth Aunt bought some Laksa Ham Chi Peng ....

Laksa Ham Chi Peng, RM2.00 for 4 pieces 
I did not try them, but Fourth Aunt seemed to find this palatable. Also easy to reheat at home. Just pop into the oven and reheat. Suited Fourth Aunt just fine. 

Acar Bamboo Shoots, RM6.00 per tub
I found this very tasty ..... but I did not buy it; Fourth Aunt bought it to be consumed with rice at home. Both the the Ham Chi Peng and the bamboo shoots were bought from the laksa stall, on the left if you walked in from the main entrace (that row where Pezzo Pizza was ...)

Then I talked Fourth Aunt into buying this deep-fried squid from Squid King, so she did. Lol. 

Super yummy deep-fried squid, RM8.00 each

Fourth Aunt bought 1 piece of rice wrapped peach kueh and also 1 piece of rice dumpling. 

RM1.00 each from It Hng

RM5.00 from It Hng

Then she wanted to buy these Singapore-style Apam Balik .... 


But the vendor refused to sell her only 1 piece. Lol ..... so she ended up not buying anything ..... 

Today, I came for this ... 

Lamb Lambo by Carvery,
It's the very last stall at the far end near the Jubilee Ground. 

Oooh .... roasted lamb leg and a 6-inch baguette .... 

The bread roll was buttered and toasted ..... then lined with lettuce, shredded carrots, shredded cucumbers, shredded sauteed cabbage, chopped pineapples, shredded gherkin, chopped tomatoes, and then thin slices of roasted lamb leg, and dressed with mint yoghurt and mustard. 

Lamb Lambo being assembled .... 

Yummy :))
I shared my lamb sandwich with Fourth Aunt ..... we both liked it; the lamb was fresh and tender and I loved the fresh vegetables that went into the sandwich.

Every year, there's a stall that commands a long, long queue. This year's long queue occurs at ThaiCool that sells stir-fried ice-cream. In fact, I counted at least 5 other stalls selling the same thing. But then there's hardly a queue at the other stalls. Fourth Aunt, who heard about the ice-cream from her friends, was keen to try .... but of course was unwilling to queue. I, too, was unwilling to queue. I suggested to her to buy from an alternative stall .... but she was hesitant.

Having tried the stir-fried ice-cream already during my previous visit here, I no longer wanted to eat it. So I decided to go for .....

Okinawan sweet potato ice-cream 
I loved the mochi and the soft and sweet potato, served with vanilla ice-cream and with a sprinkle of kinako powder. Not bad. Fourth Aunt liked it too, and said it wasn't too sweet.

I think this would be my last visit to the fair this year ... there's a few more days left, they close shop on 23 August. So hurry and visit if you haven't. 

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