Sunday, August 16, 2015

ABC and Rojak @ Cloud Corner, Yoshi Square

T and I went shopping at Boulevard Shopping Mall .... and she bought lots of clothes for the kids at the fraction of a price! RM330 is equivalent to only SGD115! Cheap for her! So after that we went searching for something to munch on .... we went to Tabuan Heights Commercial Centre, intending to head for Starbucks .... but then we got sidetracked to the hawker places nearby. Lol. In the end, we preferred to eat ABC and rojak at Cloud Corner @ Yoshi Square.

 ABC with milk, RM2.50 

One could have ABC with coconut milk too, for only RM2.20. The exact same ingredient, with just the option of adding coconut milk in place of milk ... and cheaper too. We both loved the ABC which was not too sweet, rich in flavour and full of texture. Recommended. 

Rojak, RM5.00 (small)

The rojak was yum too .... the fruits cut thinly, the deep-fried youtiao provided crunch. The rojak sauce was tasty - sweet, piquant. The consistency of the sauce was good too. We enjoyed our little break lots. :))

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