Thursday, August 20, 2015

Birthday Dinner @ Family Seafood Centre, Hui Sing

It was my birthday, so we went out to have a simple meal at Family Seafood Centre, Hui Sing.

Fresh lime, RM1.60 

Midin with red wine, RM8.00
Rice, RM1.00 per bowl

Family Seafood Centre Signature tofu, RM8.00

Crispy oyster omelette, RM10.00 

Nan Ru Pork Belly, RM8.00 

I think food is cheap here. All these cost RM40.60 only - Food cost RM38.30, and we paid RM2.30 worth of GST. Of all the dishes, my favourite was the Midin with red wine which tasted really good. The rest were averagely done ..... nonetheless, it was a pleasant meal. :))

Oh and I got this in the mail yesterday ....

Free watch from Reader's Digest Asia .... birthday gift? Lol .... 

Happy hatch day to me. :))

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