Friday, August 21, 2015

A Scare

I was set to have a good Sunday ....

Sunday breakfast with Gardenia bread airflown from Singapore by my Second Aunt, and of course with my favourite sausage and egg filling and a hot cup of coffee .... 

And then suddenly, Second Uncle got ill. He was shivering in bed and could not get up and out of bed. He did not even have the strength to call out for help. It was when Second Aunt happened to check on him upstairs in the bedroom that she found out what happened. 

We all got scared. Second Uncle had heart problems and had done a bypass surgery many years ago, and we feared that he was suffering from a heart attack. 

We contemplated about what to do before we dialed 991 for the ambulance. It arrived about 15 minutes later ..... but then by then, Second Aunt had gotten Second Uncle out of bed and helped him slowly down the stairs. We got Second Uncle sent to the hospital anyway ...... 

And after a thorough check up, the doctor confirmed that he was having an infection .... phew .... and he stayed in the hospital to receive outpatient treatment ..... and was discharged soon enough. 

Second Aunt had flown back from Singapore for the weekend .... so timely as otherwise Second Uncle would have been home alone .... and in his room all alone ..... and no one would have known his condition. We had a real scare, but were all glad that Second Uncle was alright.

Since that day, Second Uncle had recovered, thank goodness. We all help to look out for him and will continue to do so daily. :)) 

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