Monday, August 31, 2015

Kolo Mee @ Stall 15 Min Kee

I just found another kolo me which I liked. This one ..... was slightly pink .... meaning that it had a bit of char siew oil infused ....

Yummy kolo mee with a tinge of pink ..... 

This was from Min Kee, Stall 15 from Kenyalang Park Wet Market. This packet cost only RM2.50. I liked the springiness of the noodles, meaning that it was well-blanched and not soggy. The seasoning for the noodles was well-balanced, not too salty ... And most importantly, the noodle were very aromatic. What I liked was the subtle hint of sweet char siew sauce which tickled my palate ... not really there and yet it was there ..... Very good. :))

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