Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last Day In Osaka

I think the best place to stay would be somewhere as close to the bus/train station, especially if you have less than 24 hours to spare ... because that way, you do not need to drag your bags for too long a distance and you also do not need to spend too much time going around on subways.

In Japan, the locations of the transportation hubs are pretty much central - like the Umeda and Namba areas in Osaka ... and the Nagoya Station area in Nagoya ... there is just so much to see and do within the vicinity!

Hence, I was determined to just stay put in the Namba area on my last day in Osaka. So while lying on my futon in my warm hostel room in Takayama the other night, I stumbled on a discount for Khaosan World Namba on The place looked decent and was within walking distance from the Namba station .... and so I booked with right away for only 3040 per pax. What a steal!

From Nagoya, we took a Limited Express Urban Liner train at 9.30 a.m. from Nagoya Station to Osaka Namba. We reached at about 11.30 a.m. and went straight to the hostel. It was easy to find due to the clear directions on its website. We paid for our booking and left our bags there .... and then we went shopping!

Cold, cold day in Osaka of about 6-9 degrees. Today was shopping and eating day. We wanted to buy some gifts and souvenirs for our families back home. We first went to Ebisubashi-Suji first, and then to Kuromon Ichiba Market.

I bought some sweets and chocolates for my family and colleagues back home, 2 packets of green tea and dried scallop snacks for the family. I even bought an Anello backpack out of whim!

We ate as we walked .....

Pork roll onigiri, ¥500

Grilled scallop, ¥600

Deep-fried crab surimi, ¥320

Fugu, ¥2000

Domyoji, ¥120
Mochi, with red bean paste and wrapped in salted cherry leaf
I loved this snack as it was sweet and salty at the same time! Yum! 

Daifuku, ¥195

Soft and chewy skin, filled with red beans and a juicy strawberry; I did not think I'd like Daifuku .... but I must have been pretty crazy to think that; Daifuku rocks! I love it! 


Next we chanced upon Doguyasuji! It's a street selling all sorts of household items - crockery and cutlery and what not! We got excited browsing at all the cups and saucers and chopsticks and cooking ware and other cooking utensils on sale. S bought 2 sets of Noritake cup and saucers here at a little less than ¥2300 each .... I think they were very affordably-priced. I'd buy them too ... but was too lazy to carry. Heh. Doguyasuji is a must-visit place if you like kitchenware like I do!

Then we headed to Dotonbori ....

Dotonbori during the day .... 

I had to eat my favourite Tai Croissant again before I went home ...

Tai Croissant, ¥200 each

So delicious! 
Crispy, salty and buttery crust, filled with powdery red beans .... Divine!

Eat that while looking the sights .....

Ebisubashi bridge on Dotonbori River

The Glico Man sign
A landmark here at Dotonbori - it's the oldest sign in the area at 70 years of age!

Dinner ... we ate so much throughout the day ... but decided to go for ramen too .... 

Golden Shoyu Ramen, ¥750
The noodles were springy and chewy, but I could detect a subtle hint of kansui or lye water ... and I did not quite like that; The broth was light - I liked it; I also liked the chashu pork ... but the egg wast the killer! So yum!

Perfectly cooked .... so delicious! 

And we finished dinner off with ....

Instagrammers' favourite, the Pablo Cheese Tart 

I wasn't going home till I ate a tart. There was a long queue at the Dotonbori outlet ... and of course I joined in and queued up in the cold.

Pablo Mini Cheese Tart, ¥200
The crust was so crispy, and the cheese filling - rich and creamy and melted in the mouth ... 

We headed back to our hostel to pack our stuff ... we were leaving for KIX at 7.00 a.m. the next day.

Khaosan World Namba
Big room, wit ha sink and a hair dryer inside. Great place to stay! 

Today had been fun! Tomorrow we say our goodbyes to Japan. :))

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