Friday, July 28, 2017

Kuching Food Festival 2017 : Stuffed Chicken Wings with Fried Rice

Well, Kuching Fest has just commenced today. I was there at about 5.00 p.m. after my walk around the park, and it being the first day, many stalls were yet seen to be prepping their things. Heh. They must be running a little late. Only that there were already a lot of people there by 5.00 p.m. Heh. Kuchingites are all excited for food.

Many stalls as usual .... saw some newcomers like a Melaka-style satay celup, Hokkaido toast, and a Japanese matcha flavoured snacks, Korean food, and so on. Food looked quite pricey this year - a cream-filled choux psstry cost RM9, deep-fried cuttlefish cost RM14.

I walked and walked .... wanted churros but the stall hadn't operated. Wanted deep-fried chicken fillet but the trays all looked empty. Stood a long time at 2 stalls selling deep-fried cuttlefish but no one bothered to take my orders. Then I walked past a stall selling stuffed chicken wings with fried rice and thought they looked really good - fat and juicy and glistening chicken wings lined the counter tops and were waiting to be grilled.

A short line of people were queuing up to buy .... Heh ... every year there seemed to be a popular stall that attracts long queues of people. And this stall seemed set to be the one this year.

I decided to join in the queue ... the wait was about 10 minutes ....

Fat pieces of chicken wings waiting to be grilled

 Taiwanese snack of grilled stuffed chicken wings with fried rice ... the guy could work on 24 pieces on the grill at a time .... 

 Once on the grill, he brushed the chicken wings with a glazing sauce and just before they are done, he sprinkled some sesame seeds on them ... 

You will be asked whether you wanted the chicken spicy .... and if you did, they will sprinkle chilli powder on the wings. I bought mine spicy. 

RM8 per piece 

Filled with fried rice 
The chicken wing was really compactly filled with fried rice

The chicken wings smelled distinctively of five-spice powder. But luckily, it did not taste too prominently of five-spice powder. The chicken meat was well-cooked, smoky. The rice inside was lightly-flavoured and had some vegetables and little squares of ham in it. The spicy chilli powder added much heat to the chicken wings and they were really quite fiery spicy.  

Well, so much for my first visit. I have no specific plans about visiting the food festival. I do walk at the park next door quite regularly. I might just drop by once in a while ... :))

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