Saturday, January 6, 2018

Sri Lanka : Day 5 - Ambelewa & Bentota

Beautiful Nuwara Eliya had been relaxing, almost boring. I was disappointed that we did not see much at Nuwara Eliya. After breakfast, we wandered outside the hotel building, but essentially there was nothing new to explore ...

When everyone was ready, we drove to Ambelewa. Ambelewa is sometimes called Little New Zealand. That morning, we visited New Zealand Farm, with is part of Ambelewa Farms.

A long walk to the farm buildings from the parking lot

Going to the goat shed 

The goat enclosure smelled funky

Freisian cow shed 

At the cheese building, I thought I'd get to see cheese production. However, I only saw the equipment and a video of cheese production process. 

Ambelewa cheese on sale ... 

We drank a cold cup of fresh milk, which we found to be sweet. Sugar had been added. Hmn ... 

If I were to come to Nuwara Eliya, I think I would have preferred to visit Horton Plains instead of a farm. So I was quite disappointed with the itinerary. 

Soon after the farm, we were leaving the mountains for the coast. We would head to Bentota, at the district of Galle ... which was 6 hours away .... 

On the way, we saw ...

St. Claire Falls 

Some vendors selling fresh mangos, only LAK500 

Then we reached .... 

 Devon Waterfall 

We had lunch at the Mlesna Tea Castle. This place looked just like a castle! We even climbed up to the turret to admire the surrounding view of tea plantations. 

A huge teapot greeted us

The founder 

Lunch was served course by course, in a very relaxed manner. We spent 2 hours for lunch. 

Onion soup and croutons
Soft, caramelised onion in broth - I'm not much of a fan of this soup

Bread Rolls
Really hot and soft, I loved the bread rolls with butter! 

Yummy bread roll, with butter

Mixed vegetable fried rice, decorated with a slice of deep-fried breadfruit
The fried rice was quite tasty. The vegetables were crunchy and added texture, the rice was fluffy and nicely flavoured

Vegetable fried noodle

Chicken curry

Fish fried and crumbed 

Boiled egg

Potato tempered

Dhall Fry

Vegetable Chopsuey

Fresh Vegetable Salad 

There were 2 more dishes which I hadn't any idea what they were .... 

Salad of an unidentified green

Zucchini and peppers? Not sure

Mlesna had their own fine china ....

Fine Noritake china used at this restaurant

My platter ...

Dessert of ice-cream and fruit salad 

Green tea to wash it all down ....

We could buy Mlesna tea at its tea boutique at the restaurant. I did buy 2 boxes of tea for myself. We took so much time for lunch that our guide had to hurry us. We had to make the long journey to Bentota. 

The road was bumpy all the way. By evening, we reached our hotel, The Surf. All the rooms face the beach .... and there was a huge balcony in the room. It was nice to sit there and listen to the waves, even though I could not see the water in the dark. 

Part of our buffet line

A whole cake for dessert 

I couldn't eat much for dinner as I was still full from lunch .... 

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