Friday, April 14, 2017

After Sports Day 2017 ....

It's the sports season at school. Two years ago, I was a Sports House Mistress, and managing the athletes had been quite stressful. Last year, I was Assistant House Mistress, and even helping to manage the athletes were also no fun.

So Sports Day came and went this year. And the best thing was I quite enjoyed it now that I was assigned other tasks. My turn in managing a sports house was over, so this year I was working as a Track Judge. It was my first time being a Track Judge so it was a new experience. We were located in a tent near the finishing line. That was where all the track action was centred .... so it had been a fun two days at Stadium Sarawak. The weather was co-operative as well, so it had been really pleasant. My job was to record the athletes' numbers into a form ... quite an easy peasy job. :))

We ended our Sports Day early that day .... and in the afternoon, my friend CM and I went to see her new house at Samarahan - she'd installed the lighting at her house. What she did was to research the lights that she needed; she went from shop to shop here in Kuching, but then finally bought them online from Taobao ... she actually had them flown over from China and just recently got them installed. It was a lengthy process which took months and lots of stress, and now that it was over, she gained a tremendous sense of satisfaction, and and wanted to show them off to me. Heh.

So anyway, after a short visit to her new house, we went to Summer Mall. I'd not been there for a long time and I found the mall to be in a sorry state. I remember that there was an Esprit outlet - but now the shop was not there anymore. Mr. DIY had also close down. Sigh. So basically, there were hardly any exciting shops .... but funnily, I managed to buy 2 tops at a reject shop for RM10 each. So cheap .... lol.

We had our dinner at the Food Court .... I surveyed the stalls and did not find anything appetising to eat .... and had to settle for ...

Seafood Tom Yum Tang Hoon, RM9.50

Hmn .... after one glance at my bowl, I told myself not to expect too much. The seafood meant 1 piece of prawn, 4 bite-sized pieces of cuttlefish and 2 bite-sized pieces of fish fillet. Other than that, I could see lots of sliced onions and some sliced lemongrass, a few tomato wedges,  2 pieces of canned button mushroom - that too were quartered. Tsk, tsk.

Tang Hoon was glass noodles, but instead of glass noodles, I found beehoon or rice vermicelli in my bowl. The Tom Yum Soup was bright orange in colour ... and luckily, it did not look too diluted. I scooped a spoonful of the soup and sipped it. It was tangy, spicy and quite flavourful. If only there were more ingredients in the bowl, it would have been perfect.

There was really nothing to see at Summer Mall ... and after dinner, we drove back to Kuching. It took an hour because there was a traffic jam .... even at 7.30 p.m. in the evening.

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