Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Teacher's Day 2017!

Happy Teachers' Day! We had our school level celebration last Friday, and also a staff dinner on Saturday night at Mango Tree Restaurant at Crookshank Road.

A nice gesture from my class monitor of 3 days ..... :)) 

Got this from the lucky draw during our staf dinner ... :)) 

Well, Mango Restaurant has been in existence for years! And since it is no longer the talk of the town, I do wonder about the kind of food it is capable of serving. "The Tom Yum soup is good!" my friend, S said. Then she added that her last visit to the restaurant was more than a decade ago! LOL! 

 Spring roll, mango salad, pandan-wrapped chicken and Tom Yum soup

All the items above were delicious! The spring roll came first, and it did not appeal visually. However, when we tasted it, we found it to be yum - the popiah skin was still crispy and the filling was really delicious. I couldn't be sure what's in the filling - but it was delicious. Next came the mango salad - this tasted heavier than the usual Thai-style som tam, as it has whole shallots and finely shredded daun kunyit; so to me, this was more of the kerabu-style salad. Not bad, though. 

Peek inside the leaf casing ... 

Chicken thigh meat was used to wrap in pandan leaves, so the meat was juicy and tender. Taste wise, it was rather ordinary. But when eaten with the accompanying sauce, the flavour of the meat was enhanced. So it's the sauce that I liked very much. :)) 

The Tom Yum soup was thick, fiery spicy and sour - reminded me a bit of Thailand ... so yeah, the Tom Yum soup was tasty. If only the seafood ingredients they used were of better quality, it would have been a perfect bowl of soup. 

Pineapple fried rice, lamb, prawns and fish

We weren't provided with a menu, so we were not sure what the dishes were called. Of all the dishes above, we only liked the lamb - soft and tender. sweet and savoury. The rice had funny texture and the taste was off. The prawns weren't sweet and the steamed barramundi or siakap was mere ordinary.

Chicken, mixed vegetables, mango sticky rice and fruits 

Chicken and french fries were deep-fried, and a concoction of sweet soy sauce was poured over it. No one appreciated this dish. The mixed vegetables were not bad, they gave off a very fragrant aroma. The mango sticky rice was alright - just that the coconut cream was a bit too sweet. The fruits were guava and watermelon. 

Overall, the food wasn't that great. But it was an enjoyable night, just to chill and relax with the colleagues. :)) 

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  1. wow, such a feast!!! so many dishes and they look appetising!



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