Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pickled Kedondong

My friend, AL made some pickled kedondong the other day from the fruits of the tree that she had just chopped off in her backyard. The pickled fruits tasted good, so I asked her how she made them. She kindly shared with me how she did it. It sounded easy so I thought I too, would give it a try.

Our own kedondong tree yielded many fruits this year. We've given away so many buckets of its fruits but there are more clusters on the tree, waiting to ripen. To make pickled kedondong, I picked the unripe fruits off the tree .....

Next, I washed and peeled them and then salted them. I must have put about 1 tbsp of salt in a bag of 20 fruits .... I left it in the fridge to salt. The next day, the fruits have softened and the juices accumulated in the bag. I poured away this salty juice. Next, I put in about 6 tbsp of castor sugar into the bag. I shook the bag so that the fruits were coated evenly in sugar. These were left in the fridge till the next day .....

Ready to eat 

I love pickled kedondong - so crunchy, sweet and sour and salty. Very appetising and refreshing as well, and most importantly, they are so easy to make. As the Koreans say, the only essential ingredient in pickling is TIME. All I had to do was to wait patiently for the salt and sugar to work its magic on my fruits and after 48 hours, I could enjoy them already! Yums. :))

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