Monday, May 1, 2017

Putu Mayung Uncle @ Petanak Wet Market

On Sunday, Mom woke me up .... so after a round of breakfast, we went to Petanak Wet Market. It's not my favourite place to go but I got excited when I spotted the Putu Mayung uncle. Business here was brisk and he was perpetually surrounded by people ...

 Putu Mayung Uncle

I could see steam coming off the tray of Putu Mayung or String hoppers

And I had to buy some ... 

Putu Mayung with a generous amount of freshly grated coconut and brown sugar, 
5 pieces for RM2.00

I asked Uncle if he sold here at Petanak Wet Market every Sunday, and he said yes. Heh. So now I can come here to buy it whenever I felt like it.

Back at home, I eagerly unpacked the Putu Mayung and ate them. I thought they were pretty tasty .... Dad, however, thought they were a bit dry. Well, Dad loved Putu Mayung very much ... and if he was in KL, he would buy it for breakfast every day. Hmn .... so I guessed Dad could be right.

That said, I still wouldn't mind buying these Putu Mayung from time to time. :)) 

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