Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Huong Hiong Confectionery 芳香

I bought some pastries today
Egg cake 鸡蛋糕, peanut biscuit, tau sar biscuit 豆沙饼

My friend ME gave me some pastries to try that morning ... and I liked them. So I asked her where she bought them from. I thought I'd buy some for Dad since he liked sweet stuff like pastries.

"7-story flat 七晨楼," ME said. In Kuching, we all know that the 7-storey flats refer to the KMC flats - these are housing estates rented out by the city council to the urban poor. They are located around Ban Hock Road.

Well, I hadn't known that there's a shop selling pastries as such over at that area. So I asked her how she came to know about it. ME told me that one of her church friends had bought some during a church camp that she attended, and she had liked them. She had been buying the pastries ever since.

ME said she had never had the chance to buy the egg cake 鸡蛋糕 yet because they were always sold out after school hours. The proprietor told her that he made 1000 pieces a day and they would be available from 9.30 onwards. He also told her that they sold very well and would finish in about 2 hours.

Another friend who overheard our conversation chimed in and testified that the egg cake was yum. Alright. I had to buy some.

After work, I went to look for the shop, which was easy to find. It's just by the road side, along Ban Hock Road. Since I came from Deshon Road, I could turn into the compound, and there were plenty of parking spaces in front or even behind the shop.

It was a very unassuming shop - its name was Huong Hiong and it specialised in Foochow confectionery. There were a few tables, and their baked goodies sat in trays on the tables.

I guess I must have been luckier than ME. There were plenty of egg cakes that day. 3 pieces for only RM1. Sibu-style egg cake, the boy told me. Yeah. Now I remember buying egg cakes at a shop near Premier Hotel when I was in Sibu.

The boy then urged me to buy the tau sar biscuit  豆沙饼 - because they were fresh from the oven. Filled with white tau sar, and still hot, he said. They sold for RM0.70 per piece.

I saw the large peanut biscuit on the table, and I bought 2 of those - not sure how much as I did not ask. The boy was telling me how they were made ... I wasn't paying attention .... I only registered that the filling had cooked peanuts. Haha.

Happy, I went home - Mom liked the egg cake. It had very good bouncy texture and wasn't too sweet. I liked the peanut biscuit which was coated with sesame seeds - so nutty they were and not sweet at all. The tau sar biscuit was fresh and yummy too .... when it cooled down, the flavour of the tau sar became more prominent. It was also sweeter than the peanut biscuit. All those freshly baked goodies were so good with a cup of black kopi

Freshly baked pastries with homemade fillings. Highly recommended, if you are in town. :)) 

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