Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Horse Bean a.k.a. Chickpea

I had a craving for Horse Bean. Lol. Horse bean cause in Malay, these are known as Kacang Kuda. Kacang = Bean or Nut; and Kuda = Horse. In English they are known as chickpeas.

That morning, I asked Mom whether she'd cook some for me ... and of course she would. ;P She loved them too. So we went straight to the grocery shop to buy some. Chickpeas are sold at RM8.00 per kg now.

Mom shook her head in disapproval. She said that the price had escalated so much! Anyway, she bought half a kilogramme to cook that day.

Cooked chickpeas can be used as a cooking ingredient. But I'd just eat them like that as snacks.


Mom pressure-cooked the chickpeas with just a little salt. Then they were ready to eat. I loved the distinctive nutty and powdery taste of the peas! Once I started eating, it was difficult to stop. It was sure addictive. And filling too. A handful of these chickpeas would keep me full for a long time.

Hadn't eaten these for a while ... love them. Yums.


  1. Pressure cookers seem to be out of fashion these days. My mother used to use one many years ago. How long did they take to cook?

  2. My mom used a pressure cooker to cook the chickpeas the other day. Mom's pressure cooker has a very complicated lid. She'd attempt to teach me to use it a few times, but hmn ... guess I was not very interested to learn. Yet. The other day, Mom said she had cooked the chickpeas for about 25 minutes after it reaches the designated pressure. The other day, the chickpeas were nicely done ... sometimes it turns out to be too soft.



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