Monday, October 28, 2013

Sharing Downtown

Mom wanted to eat grilled meats. Western, she said.

Where? I asked.

Her friend told her to go to an eatery at Ban Hock Road. Big plate, she said. Lol. Mom was interested, listening to her friend.

Anyway, the place turned out to be Sharing Downtown. This is a branch of Sharing Planet at Stapok, which was in operation for quite long already. However, I had never been there before.

So we went there one evening to Sharing Downtown ...

Love the ambience
The lights transformed the garden beautifully ... guests could choose to sit in kiosks for a very private and relaxed gathering with friends and family. 

We placed our order and did not have to wait for long for our food .... 

Mushroom Soup, RM5.80
This was made from scratch at the restaurant .... And ooo ... it was thick and creamy and rich in flavour; could taste the bits of mushrooms in there. Would be great to eat it with garlic bread ... but we did not order any.

Chicken Caesar Salad
Well .... this salad was not really "Caesar", but it was quite delicious! Mom loved it. There were crunchy fresh vegetables and grilled chicken, coupled with a sweet and rich dressing/

Grilled Chicken Chop, RM13.80
Goodness! The portion was huge. The grilled meat was dressed in a mushroom gravy, with sides of coleslaw and fries. I liked the chicken and the coleslaw.

Grilled Lamb Shoulder, RM19.80
The lamb was quite nicely marinated and not too hard, and served in a black pepper sauce. Forgot to tell them I did not want black pepper sauce since I did not like it. I was just glad that the sauce was not too overpowering. The meat was served with mashed potatoes and greens. 

Garlic Butter Fish, RM14.80
This was my favourite. It was very flavourful - garlic, butter, herbs ... absolutely delicious. However, 2 minus points - it was a bit greasy, and the texture of the fish was too soft. The fish was served on a bed of fries, coleslaw, tartare sauce and a wedge of lemon. 

The bill was RM70.60 with 2 drinks ..... I thought the price was very reasonable. Id definitely be back to try the other stuff!!! 

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