Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tempoyak Chicken Soup

And so I got myself Unifi-ed a week ago. I've been anticipating it and so when I got it, I was so busy catching up with K-dramas. Hence, yes, I was cooped up at home most of the time. It was a wet season here in Kuching, after all ..... a perfect excuse to stay home. Lol.

CNY Pot Bless 

We had a CNY Pot Bless dinner at C's the other night! And I had to tear myself away from the computer screen to attend the get-together. Lol!

Early in the morning, I braved the cold and the torrential rain to go to the market; I knew I wanted to make Papaya Salad .... and I knew just where to buy a green papaya. Back home, I grated the papaya while watching Mask - last year's SBS drama starring one of my favourite actors, JJH. I'd not watched him for a while ...... so I was really amazed by how his acting skills has improved by leaps and bounds! Well, he really sucked in Princess Hours (his first leading role where he was so stiff and expressionless) .... but now, I can see that he has developed much as an actor and grown to be so confident on screen. JJH even got an award for his performance in Mask. Happy!!

And so I spent quite a long time grating papaya while watching my drama. But it was worthwhile as my friends found the salad to be really appetising. Happy! Except for the 2 dishes of chicken, all the other food was homecooked and really delicious ... 

Tempoyak Chicken Soup .... 
It was especially cooked for me by S because she knew I liked it so much! Savoury, rich in taste, with the very subtle flavour of fermented flavour, this soup was really yummy. 

I had 2 bowls! S tells me it's really easy to cook, as ingredients were minimal. She used only ginger, lemongrass, turmeric leaves, chicken and oyster mushroom. Hmn ..... next durian season, I'd experiment with making tempoyak so that I'll be able to cook my own tempoyak chicken soup! 

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