Friday, February 6, 2015

Birthday Dinner @ Wakakakaka, Kuching

It's the man's birthday. And I offered to buy him dinner. I gave him a list of eateries to choose from ... and he chose Sharing Downtown (which was not in the list .... *roll eyes*). Fine with me. It was his birthday. So it was his call.

I thought we'd settled on the venue already. Today, however, the man told me that we should change the dinner venue because it was raining the whole day ... the reason being that it would be muddy at Sharing Downtown. I assured him that the place wouldn't be at all muddy, but it being in a garden setting, I could not be too sure either.

The man suggested that we go to The Spring ... for which I objected, really. There weren't any eateries there which appealed to me at all. Finally, right before we left, I suddenly thought of Wakakakaka at Brighton Square. I asked the man if he would want to eat there ... and he agreed.

We both preferred to get away from the air-conditioned interiors, so we sat outside at the courtyard ..... from where I sat, I could enjoy the brightly-coloured CNY red lanterns hanging along the facade of CityOne Mega Mall ....... that gave a very festive atmosphere ....

A bottle of Sommersby for us to share as the man couldn't tolerate too much of alcohol .... 

Baa Baa Black Sheep, RM26.80; and cream of mushroom soup in the distant, RM6.80

The man and I shared the mushroom soup, which we both found to be quite good - it was of thick consistency, rich in flavour, and I loved the bits of chopped mushrooms in the soup. The slice of buttered French bread was crusty and was a necessary accompaniment to the soup. 

Baa Baa Black Sheep was a best-selling item here. The portion was really huge .... with 2 slices of grilled lamb shoulder, 3 types of sauce, and colour-coordinated vegetables. The lamb was well-marinated, and well-cooked, I was glad that the meat was not too tough. The 3 sauces - referring to the 3 bagsful of wool in the nursery rhyme - were very tasty. They comprised of the mushroom sauce, the creamy mint sauce, and the black pepper sauce .... all very good and enhanced the flavour of the meat and vegetables. I even liked the potatoes which were so powdery ... 

Wario's grilled chicken with black pepper sauce, RM16.80

The man had the grilled chicken with black pepper sauce .... Apart from fact that he found the portion to be overwhelming and the sauce a bit too spicy, the man did not say anything else ... I did not try this dish as well, so I cannot comment.

Because I had a Kuching Food Critic's badge (which I had never utilised till now) ..... we got a complimentary soft serve ice-cream ....

Snowy Poo Poo 

The smooth vanilla soft-serve ice-cream with chocolate sauce was a pleasant dessert for the both of us. The man liked it .... he finished it even though he was very full already. 

A canine friend

Because we were seated at the outside, we were visited by a few canine friends .... to which we fed the leftovers of the meat .... lol .....

A happy birthday to D! May you be blessed abundantly with good health, happiness and all the wonderful things in life. :))


  1. Haha.. the food is lovely. And the last picture makes me melt. Stray dog. Cute.

  2. This food looks really yummy!! This is a perfect birthday dinner! You know my mother has her birthday in the next month. I am planning an outdoor birthday party for her. My friend who is an event planner will do all the party arrangements.

  3. That sounds great, karter.martin! Hope you will have a blast!



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