Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wrap N Go : Go Aries Sandwich

I had lunch at 626 Cafe again. Just last week I was there ... and this week, I had requested D to go again. Last week, I did not have the chance to eat the sandwiches which I had wanted to eat .... and so today, I just had to try it.

We both ordered the Go-Aries sandwich from Wrap N Go. Aries = ram .... so this is a lamb sandwich. Lol. Creative, huh?

Go Aries Sandwich, RM6.50
The presentation is nice, eh? It sure whetted my appetite. 

Take a peek ... 

The bread had substance, yet it wasn't hard at all. The wholemeal bread was toasted to crisp perfection. The filling was made up of lamb, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, bits of fruits, and roselle relish - the whole mix was sweet and savoury, so I'd say the flavour was quite balanced. Also caught a whiff of Italian herbs .... fragrant indeed.  

I'd love to come back to try the other types of sandwiches ..... like the beef or the egg sandwiches .... so till next time. :))

626 Cafe is located at Wisma Nation Horizon. It's not facing the main road .... but rather, it's facing the back. It's right opposite the newly opened Hong Kong Puff confectionery.

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