Monday, February 9, 2015

Pita For Lunch

Years ago, when we used to visit Kuala Belait in Brunei, we would never hesitate to buy doner kebab from a vendor who had set up stall outside Supasave, a local supermarket. However, our visits to Kuala Belait were few and far in between, and we couldn't have kebab at anytime we liked.

Once, while I was buying kebab, I observed the vendor assembling it ... he first put the chopped and cooked doner meat on the hot plate .... and then he squirted some chilli and tomato sauce on it while it heated up, in went the diced tomatoes and cucumbers, and a dollop of mayo just before serving it in a toasted pita.

After my observation, I experimented with making my own kebab. Of course I tweaked the recipe a bit, as I did not have doner meat. I resorted to using minced beef, and served it in a pita shell. The result was really amazing. When my friends tried it, they loved it too!

One time, I even sold my version of kebab during church sales. They sold very well and were sold out in a very short time. Teenagers, especially, loved it .... One youth bought a piece, and having eaten a few bites, directed her friends to buy more. It was heart-warming, seeing people enjoy what you cooked.


Mission Foods had started selling pita bread in Malaysia .... and when I saw it, I bought a pack. There were many ways one could eat pita bread .... but I remembered the kebabs I had in Kuala Belait ... and I wanted to eat that ...

So I cooked some mince beef with tomatoes and spices,. and added tomato and chilli sauces into the mixture. Before serving, squeeze mayo, chopped cucumber and tomatoes into the filling. Then, I toasted my Pita bread ..... halved it ..... and pried the pocket open. The pita came apart quite easily unfortunately ... and some bits were torn. But still, I could scoop my minced beef filling into the pocket.

Homemade and yummy :))

I made some for my parents too .... well ... they did not particularly like it. Lol. They probably weren't used to the flavours. :P

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