Sunday, January 17, 2016

London Almond Cookies

CNY is about 3 weeks away .... Today's experiment is related to the festivity, a common type of cookie people make during this season ....

London Almond Cookies

As soon as I opened my bedroom door this morning, Mom rushed me to make the cookies. Not sure why she's so excited, though. Hmn ...

Anyway, I used Nasi Lemak Lover's recipe, which was rather simple : 30g toasted almond nibs, 135g roasted almonds, 170g butter, 50g icing sugar, 20g egg yolk, and 300g flour, 300g Tulip milk chocolate compound. Cream the butter and sugar, add in the yolk. When it's ready, add in the flour to form a dough.

My ingredients weighed and ready to be used ....

Then I took little balls of dough and wrapped it around 1 whole almond. I did not weigh the individual balls.  I shaped them into little rectangular squares ... and I could make about 83 pieces. When ready, I baked at 150 degrees for 20 minutes. 

I took them out from the tray and waited for the cookie to cool completely. The cookies weren't difficult to handle, they did not break easily. 

I melted the milk chocolate over hot water - I much preferred dark chocolate, but they were sold out at the shop I went to. Only milk and white chocolate compound were available. Anyway, once they were melted, I coated each cookie with chocolate and placed it in a tiny paper cup. At first I was clumsy and the cookies were hideously ugly. 

But as I progressed, I got better at it .... and the cookies looked more presentable. Lol. Anyway, I managed to yield 60 pieces of good looking ones .... I stored them in 2 containers. One would be flying to KL and the other one would be flying to Singapore. 

I was quite happy with the way the cookie turned out. And I sure had much fun making them. :)) 


  1. Wow... Beautiful and looks yummy....nice try yeah?

  2. It is yummy. I let my colleagues try it .... and everyone said the cookies tasted good. I would definitely make them again!



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