Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Nando's @ Vivacity Megamall Kuching

The Kuching food scened jazzed up a bit with the opening of Vivacity Megamall .... and I do intend to try all the food outlets here starting from Nando's. There seemed to be a perpetual queue in front of the entrance .... no matter what time it was - sometimes the queue was long, sometimes short. When I joined in the queue, there were about 5 little groups of people ahead of me. My waiting time was about 10 minutes.

As soon as I was shown to my table, the staff talked to me about Nando's Loyalty programme - I had to install an app and then flashed my ID number to accumulate my reward or "chilli" as they called it. I could collect a chilli for every RM30.00 spent on a single receipt, and redeem a quarter chicken after I have collected 3 chillies.

Well, after the meal the other day, I'm happy to say the least that the quality and the portion of the food as of now is acceptable, and I really do hope that they get maintained.

Citrus Blast 

1/4 chicken thigh, wedges and coleslaw
CM had this platter. And this were her comments when I asked her about the food: she said that the wedges and coleslaw were ordinary; the chicken tasted better than Kenny Roger's as it was juicier.

I had a quarter chicken thigh, and 3-beans salad

The size of the chicken thigh was reasonably small, but I detected a pleasantly smoky flavour in it; I had mine with Hot Peri-peri Sauce, which was tangy but not too spicy for me. There were bottles of Peri-peri Sauce at a counter which one could easily take if they wanted extra sauces with their meal. We tried the Extra Hot and the Wild Herb Sauces; of the 2, I preferred the Wild Herb Sauces which had a very subtle flavour of herbs. CM, however, thought that the Wild Herb sauce was too salty, so she liked the Extra Hot sauce better.

The tri-bean salad was a cold salad, tangy with lemon and pungent because of the onions and green -peppers; I did like it because I thought it was very refreshing. Drinks were expensive, but refillable if you ordered the soft drinks. There were also desserts which I have yet to try.

Overall, this first experience was good ... but I fear, of course, that it will not always stay this way. Kenny Rogers, too, started out really well, but over the years, the quality of the food has deteriorated tremendously. After my last meal at Kenny Roger's Viva Home Mall, KL, I was so put off that I had not visited since. So, please, please, please, Nando's .... stay great! :))

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