Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wedding Dinner @ Grand Straits Garden

Wedding dinners are not my thing. I have enough fingers on my hands to count just how many I have attended over the years. Not very many, in fact. And certainly not at all at Peninsular Malaysia.

Opportunity arose this time to attend my family wedding dinner reception at Grand Straits Garden at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru. A Google search came back with favourable reviews of the restaurant and its halal seafood.

Well, and I must say that I enjoyed the food there a whole lot. The seafood was fresh, the flavours were light, and the ambience was good.

Grand Straits Garden Combination

My serving ... I loved everything on the plate!!!

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Dried Scallops & Crab Meats

Oh look at my bowl of Shark's Fin, filled to the brim ... yum ...

Crispy Roasted Chicken
It was quite yum except that I got the hard and dry breast meat part .... so I did not really enjoy the chicken as I would love to ...

Wok-fried Prawns Cluster with Sze-chuan Spicy Sauce
Now the prawns were HUGE ... and the texture was really good .... smooth and succulent ... this sauce was sweet and sour, but tongue-burning spicy ... phew!!!

Steamed Grouper Hong Kong Style

I got the parts of the fish I did not like too ... so I did not enjoy it too .... but what I found amusing was that the groom was served the head, and the bride was given the tail .... much like Chinese people always say, "头有尾 ". Lol. It's sort of a symbol of completeness. It's so apt. I like. Lol.

Stir-fried Scallops Topped with Hawaii Nuts & Pine Nuts
This has to be my favourite ... the scallops were fresh, sweet and succulent ... the macadamia and pine nuts were crunchy .... and the broccoli crispy ... such contrast in texture!!!

Fragrance Fried Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf ... by then I was too full to appreciate this dish ... lol

Douple Happiness Exquisite Pastry
... but I loved the desserts!!!! The pancake was filled with lotus filling and served warm, while the green little mochi-like buns had pandan lotus and were served cold ... both were sweet but it was a great end to a fabulous dinner

Sweet Red Bean Paste With Sago in Coconut Milk
I also liked the red bean soup which was served warm ... I'd have a few bowls if I had not been too full!! Lol ....

The decor was very nice too. The lights were kept dim, and exuded a very cosy and romantic atmosphere.

So pretty ...

The main table layout was very nice ....

Oh, there's complementary cake too. Over here in Sarawak, it's usually fruit cake. But at GSG, we got a cream-filled chocolate sponge finger. I shared half with aunt and found that it tasted quite good.

Well, I must say that I enjoyed the dinner lots and lots. Btw, congratulations to my dearies, J**** and SY!!!

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