Friday, January 16, 2015

Lunch @ Gather Cafe

I've been depressed. So I'm thankful for my friend S. She accompanied me the whole afternoon. We went to Gather Cafe, at CityOne for lunch and thereafter for a movie. I've been wanting to try the food at this cafe since it'd opened last year, but never got a chance to. Like me, S hadn't been here as well. She'd never even noticed this cafe. Lol.

Well, yeah, that's because the cafe is not inside the mall. To access it, one has to exit the mall .... it's located right opposite Chatime and Baskin Robbins.

To me, the cafe was cheerful, with nice music albeit a bit too loud .... I'd prefer it to be softer so I could talk to my friend without any strain. The staff was polite and service was rather prompt too.

 A cute little bucket on my table ...

 Hot coffee for me, RM3.00
Pleasantly nice to drink .... 

 Teh C Special for S, RM5.00
S drank only a little bit ..... but it was not because she did not find the drink palatable. She was having some discomfort in her throat. 

 Nasi Lemak with Grilled Chicken, RM7.80
Good presentation, so it made a good impression. Let me dissect it. The rice, was very compact, a bit too moist for me ... and lacking the flavour and fragrance of coconut cream. The sambal wasn't too great either ... it did not quite make the kick. I did not even finish it. The grilled chicken was also lacking in taste, for some reason ..... but the rest of the items were alright. There's this piece of fritter which I could not identify ... lol .... but I liked its chewy texture. 

Aglio Olio with Mushrooms, RM12.00
S said the pasta was quite yummy .... but I did not try it so I couldn't comment. 

Would I come back? Yeah I would, actually. the menu is quite extensive and I would like to try the other items like the club sandwich and pasta and stuff ..... so till next time, then.

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