Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rising Ramen

Rising Ramen, situated at Precinct 88 at Jalan Song, is known to serve Osaka-style pork broth ramen. D and I was there for lunch .... I opted to sit outside as it seemed rather dark indoors.

 Hot Green Tea, RM2.50 a cup
The tea was thick and pleasant, not too astringent; loved the hot brew on a cold day like today 

 Rising Ramen Special, RM15.00

Aka Ramen, RM16.00 

D had the original ramen, while I had the one with the spicy red broth. Well, I must say that I loved the texture of the noodles - it wasn't that springy, yet it was not too soft and mushy. It was just right. The portion was also reasonable - not too much and not too little, just nice for one person.

A very important part of the noodles is the broth. It was rich in taste, and with a slightly tangy aftertaste, probably from the use of spicy fermented soy beans to flavour the broth. However, I couldn't help but notice that the broth did not give off any aroma, like Santouka ramen did. It was also not hot enough for me (though I wondered if there was a reason for that??) ... I like my broth to burn my lips and tongue ... lol ....

The thinly sliced charshu was very nice - soft and melted in the mouth, while the crunch from the thinly shredded black fungus added texture to the whole dish.

Overall, not bad a dining experience here .... both D and I tucked into our noodles happily .... :))


  1. Wow! They looked yummy. Is this a franchise restaurant?

    I had only tried Ippudo and Ajisen Ramen for pork based broth but I preferred the latter over the former although the former is more famous.

    Siaw Tan

  2. I don't think it's a franchise, but the owners are Japanese. I've not tried Ippudo, but I was not too impressed with Ajisen. I've tried Santouka, though .... and the fragrance of the broth knocked me over! Read here :

    1. We don't have any ramen restaurant here in Brunei as the demand is not high as the majority population are Muslim. But we do have a Western cafe that serve dishes with pork.

      I think I would give this ramen restaurant in Kuching a try the next time I go back. I find going around Kuching is hard especially if you do not have transportation.

      Siaw Tan

  3. Another ramen restaurant here in Kuching would be Sando Ramen. There are two outlets in Kuching. I haven't tried the ramen there myself, though my cousin says it's good. I really must find time to do so soon. :))



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