Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bounty At Work

Well, recently, there were lots of food to eat in the staffroom. It was such a blessing to have colleagues sharing food willingly. J gave me a wild rambutan named pulasan ...


Looking very much like rambutan, but with a crunchier fruit. I loved its juicy sweetness. Yummy.

Then came C with Cai Kueh which she had bought for us .... not sure where from. I'd ask a few times but no one seemed to be answering me .... perhaps I'd asked the wrong people. Lol. I know for sure that these weren't from the famous Ted Shin @ Siburan. Read here

Yummy triangular Cai Kueh ....
The skin was really springy and chewy, and each was filled compactly with shredded vegetables .. 

Next came JL with brownies .... 

Homemade brownies
These were a little dry, but tasty nonetheless .... 

By lunch time, I was very full. D and I met at 626 Cafe at Wisma Nation Horizon, but I was unable to eat anything else .. 

D had himself a plate of economic rice - 2 vegetables and 1 meat for RM4.00; which I felt was really reasonably priced. 

And then D ordered prawn fritters and sweet potato fritters from another stall in the shop. Hmn ..... this would be one of the few occasions where I see D snack .... he hardly ever did! Usually I would be the one ordering extra side dishes ... hmn .... 


The prawn fritters were flat, but a large piece. Each sold at RM3.00. The vendor had them cut into bite-sized pieces. The sweet potato fritters were RM1.00 for 3 pieces, which was very cheap. I had some of the fritters .... and I found that they were alright, except that they were already cold ... though they were not too soggy. 

At this shop was a stall selling Mee Jawa and nasi lemak, and a stall selling kolo mee. And in the main kitchen, an operation named Wrap and Go, served Western meals. I was interested in trying their sandwiches ..... but I would have to wait till my next visit here.

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