Friday, August 11, 2017

Catching Up With Mr. P at The King's Curry

Mr. P is a witty man who never fails to make me laugh with his jokes. He retired on the last day of March last year. Since then, I've only seen him on a few occasions - during the Teachers' Day staff dinner last year, and during the late Mr. R's birthday gathering in September last year where he'd paid for the entire meal. We'd been meaning to give him a treat before our trip to Japan last year. It's just unfortunate that we never got to do it. Till today. Heh.

And so we asked him to meet up with as at The King's Curry at Jalan Rumbia. He did now know that the shop had moved from its original location at Wisma Nation Horizon, so he had gone there. When he couldn't find the shop, his first thought was that we'd pranked him. Lol. He then asked around and finally managed to find it at its new location.

Mr. P had lost weight. Much as he would like to, he couldn't eat much meat because he was suffering from gout. He also had a fall last February where he had injured his shoulder quite badly ..... poor Mr. P. But he did enjoy the lunch spread that we'd ordered .....

Lambshank Dum Biryani, RM25.00
Cheezy Murtabak, RM18.00
Cheezy Naan, RM10.00
Tenggiri Fish Curry, RM5.00

Of the 3 dishes, I liked the lambshank dum biryani and the cheezy murtabak; The lambshank briyani, I thought, was nicely flavoured, the meat so tender that it fell off the bone very easily. I also loved the pappadam and the refreshing raita that came with the dish. The cheezy murtabak, I liked very much, as it was generously filled - not sure of the ingredients that were stuffed in there, but I knew there were chicken and cheese and peppers. Very yum to eat on its own or with its accompanying curry and raita. The fish curry, I was disappointed with. I thought they'd cook and serve us a proper portion. Instead, they'd just taken the dish from the economy rice counter inside the shop ... anyway, I found the flavour of the fish curry lacking - not robust and spicy enough for my liking.

 S ordered a Handi Chicken Biryani, RM15.00

 After cracking open the dough sealing the pot ... 

I thought the chicken biryani did not taste as good as the lamb one ....; there were plenty of chicken chunks in the rice and it was a waste because we could not finish even a quarter of the dish.

We'd all enjoy lunch thoroughly ... with 4 drinks, we paid RM87.65. I thought the price was rather reasonable. Good catch up with Mr. P, good food. What more could I asked for? :))

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