Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pan-fried Striploin

The other day, I was at Ta Kiong, my favourite supermarket in Kuching .... and I was at the chiller ... and I was surveying the beef. There were a few different cuts .... and I stood there for such a long time and no one bothered to attend to me. The staff were busy packaging their meats. So finally when someone was free to assist me, I asked him what the specific cuts were used for .... and ended up buying a piece of striploin. "For steak," the man told me.  

Vacuum-sealed .... did not look as red as I wanted it to look .... so much for fresh beef in Kuching ...

So back at home, I cut the meat into half ... rinsed it and then seasoned it with salt and pepper ... and pan-fried it for 3 minutes on each side .... when I sliced it, I found it to be medium rare and I did not think I dared to eat it since I did not think they were as fresh as they should be. So I put the meat slices back into the hot pan .... and after about a minute, they were done.

I had no sides to eat with the beef ... no potatoes, no bread, no rice, no salad. Heh. The next easiest thing was to cook up a packet of Maggi Mee Curry to eat the beef with .... 


And you know what? I had rather enjoyed the beef with instant noodles .... made me think of the time when I was at Takayama ..... we'd bought our own premium grade Hida beef, and pan-fried them and eaten them with a whole lot of junk from the convenience store. Of course, this striploin is nowhere near the melt-in-the-mouth beef I had in Japan ... :))

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