Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kuching Food Festival 2017 : Taiyaki Croissant

I was at the park earlier today, seeing that the sky was slightly cloudy. I was afraid that it would rain if I were to go later. I was also afraid that the park would be too crowded with revellers visiting the Kuching Food Festival if I were late. Plus, parking would be a big problem.

So since I was early, I finished my 5 km walk early - slightly before 5 p.m. .... so I headed to the food tents next door. I knew what I wanted to buy that evening. I wanted a Taiyaki Croissant after seeing a post of it on Instagram.

Not sure whether it is a Japanese snack or a Taiwanese snack of a hybrid of both .... but it's a first in Kuching and I wanted to try it. My love affair with Tai Croissant started when I ate one at Dotonbori, Osaka - it cost ¥200 and it was satisfyingly good - when hot, the pastry was so flaky and buttery, the filling was generous and the sweet, rich flavour of the adzuki bean paste was absolutely divine. So occasionally, I would think about that little Tai Croissant stall at Dotonbori and wondering when I would get another chance to eat it. Heh. 

So at about 4.50 p.m. today, the stall wasn't ready for business yet ... I walked up and down along that row of stalls .... and finally I made an enquiry at the stall ... 

"Any for sale yet?" I asked.

The young lad replied, "Not yet ... in a while ...."

"What time?" I asked. I really, really wanted that Tai Croissant. 

"5 p.m," he said.

"It's 5 p.m. now," I said. Lol. He looked exasperated. I left and went around the festival grounds, surveying what else I could try next time .... in my list would be the Musang King ice-cream from the Raintree Natural stall, and churros ...

I stopped at one of those stalls selling grilled and deep-fried chicken chop - the staff were wearing those yellow t-shirts with QR codes on them .... and they said they were from Taiwan .... and they had free tasters and so I ate 1 piece of each. Heh. Nice. But I did not buy any. 

So I decided to walk back to the Taiyaki Croissant stall ... last check. If they were still not ready, I'll be heading off. So as I approached the stall, I saw them 3 fishes on the rack. Yippee ... 

"What flavour?" I asked the boy.

"Custard lava," he replied, "Just like the filling for custard lava steamed buns."

So I bought 1 piece for RM6.00. "Can I take a picture?"

"Yes," he said. "It's free. Take as many as you like... #taiyakicroissant." Lol. 

Lol. The 2 fishes left on the rack after I bought mine ... 

"Is it as nice as Japan's?" I asked. 

"Hopefully ..., " he laughed. 

"Thank you anyway," I was grateful that I could enjoy a Taiyaki Croissant that evening.

"Come back again if it's yum," he said politely. 

"I will," I assured him. 

Yummy ....

Well ... I did think that this croissant was pleasant to eat ... crispy and flaky, not as buttery as I would have liked it. And the custard lava filling was not also tasty and not to sweet. Craving satisfied. Happy.

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