Monday, August 7, 2017

Langkau Asap Dayak

The 3 of us went climbed up the staircase trail to Mount Singai again this week. Somehow on a Saturday afternoon like this, the trail was relatively deserted. There weren't many climbers this week. We made it to the top in 27 minutes. It did not feel as tired as it did last week. Heh. We reached the church compound and then made our way back down ...... and then climbed up again. The second climb, of course, felt harder and we did it slowly but surely up to the church again. Yay. It was an accomplishment indeed because we were relatively unfit people. Lol. We spent some time there before heading back. We'd spent 2 hours here .....

On our drive back to Kuching .... we stopped at Langkau Asap Dayak for some BBQ meats ...

The shack had 4 stalls, the second stall was closed

We patronised the first stall (the one closest to the main road) .... we picked a strip of pork belly ...

BBQ Pork Belly

Perut manis

Both platters cost a little less than RM20.00; pretty cheap and tasted superb! 

Stir-fried midin, RM6.00
Well-cooked, crunchy vegetables with shrimp paste ... quite yummy too; this we bought from the 4th stall (the one closest to the building)  

3 bottles of iced cold Heineken to share, RM8.00 each 

Lovely place to eat ... crowds got very large at nights, so I'd come early .... probably at 6.00 p.m. Will definitely be back. :)) 


  1. ahhh....pork yummylicious!!

  2. Indeed, Dayak-style roasted pork belly is the best!



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