Saturday, September 5, 2015

Healthy Vegetarian Meal @ Idealite

PH and I had lunch at Idealite @ 2.5 mile Rock Road ..... our first time here. We both had the Signature Hakka Lei Cha ....

It came in a huge bowl. There's long beans, carrots, chick peas, tofu, cabbage, preserved radish and vegetarian floss; underneath is brown rice. 

And you can see that the vegetables and tofu weren't greasy at all. The flavours were light, but the dish was not bland and tasteless.  

 The soup or broth is made of mint and basil and spices, it wasn't bitter, was quite thick and aromatic and was served hot. The soup was not bad. I could do with a bigger serving of it. :)) 

Add another RM7.00, and we could get 3 items - a side dish, a drink, and a dessert. We picked ... 

Idealite Satay

Pear & Yin Er Dessert & Lemonade
In the menu, it is stated that the dessert would be helpful to remove freckles caused by the build up of melanin, making this dessert a favourite among women. Lol! Sounds like something I needed! 

I liked the satay a lot - it's mushroom but it's chewy and the batter was tasty. The satay sauce too had an aromatic blend of spices which was nice. The drink and the dessert too was good - very natural, light and most importantly healthy.

The food here seems to be wholesome and not burdensome. I'd come back here to eat. :)) 


  1. Love Lui Cha to bits. In Miri I always patronise the one opposite Bank Simpanan Nasional.

  2. I heard about that lui cha stall .... but I've never tried it. I hadn't acquired a liking for lui cha when I was in Miri. Lol.



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