Wednesday, September 2, 2015

MOM's Laksa

Work brought me to Matang again. Today, for lunch, we headed to Mom's Laksa at Jalan Semarak.  I had the infamous laksa, of course.

MOM's Laksa special, RM7.00

Over here, a reasonable portion of thick beehoon was used, and drenched in thick laksa gravy, and then garnisehd with shredded egg omelette, shredded chicken, blanched beansprouts and at least 6 large prawns. I was happy with everything, except that for me, the laksa taste in the gravy was too diluted.

When I told my colleagues about MOM's Laksa .... they had some complaints too. Lol. Mr. W did not like the thick consistency of the gravy - he thought that laksa gravy should have a watery consistency and not the thick, curry-like gravy found here which reminded him of Mee Jawa. Ms. M, on the other hand, thought that the prawns weren't deveined properly ....

Nonetheless, MOM's Laksa does dish out bowls and bowls of reasonably good laksa. They also sell belacan beehoon, chicken rice, and kolo mee. Do try them out, as they are even open at night now.



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