Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Some boxes

Here are some of my boxed meals bought at different times at different places ...

This one's from Hock Ping Cafe @ Jalan Padungan. It's next to Taiwan Siou Jou .... and the economic rice stall is at the front of the shop. Here, you tell the lady what you want and she will scoop for you.

For 2 vegetables, and 1 meat; The portion was huge, but they skimped on the meat as I got only 2 bony pieces. The taste of the food was rather light and bland.

And I saw that they had fried chicken in one of the food trays .... so I bought a drumstick - which cost RM3.00; The crust wasn't crispy, and the chicken meat was quite tasteless. 

 RM6.50 for the food 

Good Day Food Court at Kenyalang Commercial Centre seemed to be quite busy at noon. And it's the first time I've bought from the economic rice stall in front of the food court, and I think it's quite expensive actually.

Here ... you can scoop what you want for it's self-service. 

RM5.00 for 2 vegetables and 1 meat

The vegetables looked rather greasy. Hmn. The stir-fried pork in ginger soy was tasty though. So between Hock Ping and Good Day, I'd say the dishes at Good Day tasted better.

From Good Day as well, there's this chicken rice stall ..... so I decided to give it a try one afternoon ...

RM4.00 chicken rice; I added the cucumbers and tomatoes on my own actually, or else the whole box looked pale .... :P 

The chicken rice wasn't that good .... I think my school canteen's version was better. Lol. 

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