Monday, September 7, 2015

Chicken Alfredo Pie

If you walk inside ST3, you'd see the sorry state of the mall which comprised of unopened shops. But, you'd also enjoy the buttery aroma of baking pies. MMmmmmm .... it smelled heavenly. The pies are made upstairs on the first floor, and sold downstairs at Island 小岛: Tarts and Juice Island. This little shop is outside the mall ... just beside the entrance to the supermarket and opposite the entrance to Citadines.

An array of pastries on display 

Yummy ..... 

Freshly baked

And I could not resist the pies and took away a Chicken Alfredo pie at RM8.00. The pie is huge!

Chcken Alfredo Pie

The pastry was thin, flaky and buttery. I liked it. The filling was generous, containing chunks of chicken breast meat. It was rich with the taste of cream. Not bad ..... only I did not like the clumpy feel of it. Not sure whether it was because I did not have it heated through in the toaster?

Nonetheless, I'd go back and try the other pies .... I saw black pepper beef and tomato parsley chicken pies. :))

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