Sunday, November 8, 2015

Food & Fellowship @ Cafe Cafe Rubber Road, Kuching

We quite enjoyed ourselves tonight, just chatting and enjoying the food spread. It was a great time of fellowship among the few of us. 

Cafe Cafe, Rubber Road

Food was pre-ordered, and I just waited to let myself be surprised by the selection. :))

Potato Tuna salad
Potato and tuna in a sweetish mayonnaise dressing ... and I loved the hardboiled eggs to go with them

Tuna Toast
Not bad.... we enjoyed the generous topping of tuna and melted cheese 

Fried rice
Lol, we thought we were having Western food .... and then came this dish of fried rice. Loved that it has served hot!

Fish Fingers
Very crusty! For those who love the munch the crunch ... 

Quite rich and creamy in taste!

And 2 types of chicken .... 

Chicken in soy and vinegar .... 
We loved the tender thigh meat, coated in a sweet, tangy sauce

Baked chicken 
The chicken was marinated with spices .... lemongrass among other things ..... and they were baked till browned ... and the spices tasted bitter .... hmn ... 

I guessed we all enjoyed the mix and match of Asian and Western food .... this is after all an Asian fusion eatery. Please don't mind the photos, for we were eating in the dark. All of us commented about the dim interiors. We would love to see what we were eating. So a bit more light would have been good!

Thanks for organising anyway! Should do this more often. :)) 


  1. Actually, I love the ambience here at Cafe Cafe ... the interiors are just so nicely decorated. It's really a nice place to hang out over food. :))



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