Friday, November 13, 2015

Soon Fatt Cafe

G told me that this cafe served good Foochow cuisine. So I came to try some items and found myself disappointed, especially by the Zaocai Fengan.

Zaocai Fengan
The soup wasn't sweet enough, not infused with the preserved vegetables; ingredients were minimal - just the noodles, chicken breast, and zaocai. Sigh. No fragrance of red wine evident in the broth; so I asked for some .... and added it into the soup. This is certainly not a good bowl of Zaocai Fengan in my book. 

Kompia with minced pork
This is tasty because it's served hot. So the crisp pastry was really good! The meat filling was generous and tasty, but what I did not like was the bit of starch used to bind the meat together. The filling was starchy, gluey .... and I did not like it like that

I guess I had expected a mind-blowing bowl of Zaocai Fengan ... my expectations were too high, and I ended up being so disappointed. :(

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