Thursday, November 12, 2015

Just Like Old Times

Philip Yancey's seminar was widely anticipated by many churchgoers. I, too, bought a ticket but could not go, but luckily C was going and she redeemed my book for me. She was even kind enough to get it autographed by Philip Yancey himself! 

Wow! My first autographed book! 

W and N, and many of my friends from Miri actually flew in just to attend this seminar. I did manage to catch up with them, some of whom I had not seen since I left Miri. W and N went for breakfast, and it reminded me so much of the good old days in Miri where we used to hang out every weekend. :))

W wanted to go to Ban Hock Road, where she could takeaway her favourite pulut panggang from Lee Coffee Shop. She bought 20 sticks to bring back to Miri. So many!

So we had breakfast at Yang Guan, just a few shops away from Lee Coffee Shop. 

Radish cake


Handmade noodles with pork belly slices

We also shared a pot of bak kut teh, which I found to be quite palatable. I'd eat that next time. The radish cake did not have the taste of radish unlike the ones I was accustomed to at home. Plus, I think they could do with a bit more of preserved radish or cai po as the entire dish was a bit bland. I had the laksa and I found it to be quite good actually. I liked the gravy which was thick and rich, and yet had a good consistency. It was also served very hot, so I liked it. I did not eat the noodles. :)) 

Saw many familiar places when eating around this area. A happening place to eat. :)) 

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