Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bako Seafood Restaurant

We've been talking about going to Bako for a seafood meal for a long time. Cheap and sumptious, we've been told, the food there was. Somehow, as weeks passed, we were always caught up with work. But finally, last Saturday, we made an effort to drive out.

It was drizzling as we made our way from Kuching. It's actually not too far, a mere 30 minutes drive away via Pending and Sejingkat to the old Bako Bazaar. And it is also here that the jetty is situated. It is from here that one takes a boat to Bako National Park.

The roads here are narrow, packed with cars ... and many locals and tourists strolling about and possibly looking for fresh seafood to buy. Plenty of fish, prawns, cuttlefish, and flower crabs among others.

Bako Seafood Restaurant faces the river, the Bako River.

Bako Riverine Village is across the river ... 

And locals commute to and from their village via little boats like this ....  

Bako Seafood Restaurant looked quite sorry - housed in an old time-worn shophouse. The few tables and plastic chairs looked worn and shabby, not looking like a very conducive place to eat at all. However, people came by the droves, and soon some had to stand to wait for others to vacate.

To avoid the crowd, we went as early as 10.30 a.m. We ordered what we wanted to eat, and waited 30 minutes for our food to arrive. There were only 3 of us .... and we had 5 dishes to share. Suffice to say that we enjoyed the meal very much.

Midin stirfry with red rice wine
Not overcooked, the vegetables were crunchy and the red rice wine gravy was very tasty. Portion wasn't big, though.

Signature tofu
The tofu was tasty as well - a combination of silken tofu and seafood, deep-fried to crispy perfection 

Bamboo clams stirfry with curry sauce
This is the best dish! The clams were really fresh and sweet, and the curry sauce was very yummy - robust yet not overpowering, spicy, aromatic! Absolutely recommended! 

Gong Bao Cuttlefish
This is slightly bland and tasteless; nonetheless we enjoyed the succulent texture and the freshness of the cuttlefish. 

 Our finale : Crabs in spicy and fragrant sauce (香辣)
The crab was small, we ordered 3 pieces; The sauce wasn't that great .... could not compare with the way crabs here at Gui Lin Restaurant were cooked!  

With 3 drinks, we paid RM70.00. We went home happy and satisfied with our meal. Till next time! We intend to come back to try the signature fish beehoon. :)) 


  1. Wow... yum...yum.. Is it halal ? I hope the restaurant served halal food.. I'm planning to go there this coming holiday...hey,where have u been? So long didn't update your blog..

  2. Hi there! Not sure whether it's halal though. The food's good, though the environment isn't great. I forgot to mention that there's lots and lots of flies which annoyed us to no end while we were eating. Hehe, I've just been here in Kuching ...... been lazy and distracted from blogging. Lol.



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