Monday, December 21, 2009

Hot Cross Buns : Korea QQ Bun

Over here in this part of the world, we are always late to catch on the fad. But, on a more positive note, it's better late than never.

I never thought I would find mochi bread in Miri. But this morning, I bought one from Hot Cross Buns @ Pelita Commercial Centre here.

For myself, I only tried the mochi bread recently in Singapore, even though it has been in existence since early 2008. It was recommended by Aunt A******, when we walked past a Sun Moulin Bakery at Orchard Road. She insisted that we gave the bun a try, saying that it was one of her favourites.

I'm not particularly fond of mochi, but upon trying the sesame mochi bread, I had liked it too. It was soft and chewy, the black sesame seeds added to the bite, and best of all it tasted all savoury and nutty at the same time. Yum. I regretted that I did not give the cheese mochi bread a try.

A few days later, Aunt bought some more mochi bread for breakfast. They were from Four Leaves this time. I was not very impressed with the sesame variety, as I thought it lacked that delightful savoury taste that the one at Sun Moulin had. The cheese mochi bread, on the other hand, was alright.

I had this mochi bread for breakfast in Singapore

It seemed to me that mochi bread was mochi wrapped in bread dough. But in fact, it is made of a pre-mixed mochi bread flour. It is supposed to be pretty easy to make, once you get your hands on the mochi bread mix. I don't know whether the bread mix is sold here in Miri, though. Avid bakers can check at the few baking ingredients shop we have here in Miri.

Hot Cross Buns aptly named their mochi bread Korea QQ Bun. It can be found, individually packed, at the shelves near the cashier. The bakery's version is not savoury at all. It is slightly on the sweet side. They got the texture right, though - chewy and nutty.

Hot Cross Buns' Korea QQ Bun

Cross section of Hot Cross Buns' Korea QQ Bun

I would have loved it if the mochi bread was more salty and savoury. I hope they will bake the cheese mochi bread soon, too. Hot Cross Buns' Korea QQ Bun sells for RM1.50 each.

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