Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lunch @ Boulevard Restaurant

I bundled the two of them into my car and drove them to Boulevard Restaurant. She shopped for a short while, and then headed to the restaurant for lunch.

Iced lemon tea, and a cup of Chrysanthemum tea 

Prawn dumpling and dry-tossed noodles
There were 5 pieces of dumplings in the soup. Funny, cause in the menu, the noodles and dumplings were served together in the soup. They were served separately to us ... hmn .... we did not query the staff though .... 

Char siew with noodles
The portion of meat was really quite generous! 

Assorted meats with rice
The rice was nicely cooked, soft yet not mushy, and was really quite tasty - subtle, flavourful and aromatic. The meats looked dry, but in fact, they did not taste dry at all. I liked all the 3 items - roasted pork, roasted duck and char siew.  

Pork and shark fin dumpling
Whether there is really any shark fin in there is disputable, lol. But the filling was sure tasty and compact. 

I enjoy the more refined and tasty food here. Price wise, I do not think that it's expensive - RM9.00 for the noodles and RM13.00 for the rice. The dumpling was RM7.90. Not expensive, because we had to pay so much more at places like Canton-i, for example. 

A good place for lunch, or dinner in fact. I'd come back. :)) 

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