Monday, October 26, 2015

School's Closed Again

What? School's closed? Hmn ... I hadn't expected that. There are some things that I needed to do though. Students have sat for their exams 2 weeks ago, and this week, our marksheets and exams analysis and report cards are due. And I was having some problems with my form class, regarding the marks entry for one of the subjects, and I needed to have them sorted out and the school's closed? How now?

But anyway, I took time to make myself some breakfast ....

Coffee, soft-boiled eggs, a slice of yam cake made by Second Aunt, and peanut butter and kaya toast

After breakfast, I headed for school ... and was glad to see some of my colleagues there, each busy with their own paper work. I managed to get help of the exams sec, and she helped me key in the marks for a particular subject. However, when I generated the results, it went haywire.

We tracked the problem to its roots - in fact it was my fault. I had wrongly recorded the subject in the class timetable, and the subject teacher had key-in the marks for the wrong subject, and hence it affected the results and the grade scores and the CGPAs.

Finally, however, after much trial and error, we managed to rectify the wrongs .... and I texted my students (thank God for technology!) to get them to check their marks and grades and CGPAs .... phew ....

Though school's closed .... we are still working - some of us in school, others working from home. :))

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