Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 10 : Singapore - KL

Today, we would make our way back - I would be travelling to KL while S was going to JB. Her bus was 9.30 a.m., and mine was later at 1.00 a.m. Meanwhile, it was our last breakfast with a view ....

Rose on rose cupcake from Twelve Cupcakes .... 
I loved the tasty cupcakes! The cake was light, soft and fluffy, moist too. The frosting had very subtle flavouring, yet was rich and buttery. It complemented the cake perfectly. Like. Very much. Yummy.

At about 8.00 a.m., I walked S to the Raffles Place MRT station ..... and then I ventured along the Singapore River on my own ......

Bird by Fernando Botero
This giant sculpture is recognisable, Fullteron Hotel at a distant  

 Cavanagh Bridge

Some interesting artistic depictions of old Singapore 
The River Merchants

First Generation

Merlion Park 

View of  Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands from Merlion Park

Then I went to the Civic District .... 

Victoria Concert Hall 

 National Art Gallery
This is a newly-opened gallery, and housed the biggest collection of Southeast Asian art .... I badly wanted to come here, but it wasn't opened till 10.00 a.m. 

Raffles Landing Place

Asian Civilization Museum 

I crossed the Cavanagh Bridge to get back 

Then I went across the road from UOB Plaza to go to One Raffles .... the shops weren't opened yet .... so I walked along Market Street ... and found 2 Food Centres! One was Market Street Food Centre while the one at the end of the street was called May Hua Food Court! There are so many eateries here!  I wish I had found this place earlier!

Okie. I wasn't hungry yet. But I just had to eat something ..... lol. Eating for the sake of eating. I surveyed Market Street Food Centre and decided to eat ...

Teochew Mee, SGD3.00 
I did not like the noodles much - a bit sticky, a bit bland ... but the soup was good! Loved the minced inside the soup, and also the fishballs and fishcake slices used. 

I bought some OCK curry puffs to bring back to KL ..... and went back to the hostel to check out.

The bed where we slept for 4 nights .... 

Then I went looking for the Nice Executive Lounge at The Plaza, Beach Road. That was where I would be boarding my bus. I exited Nicoll Highway MRT and walked along Beach Road .... past Parkroyal on Beach Road and then I saw The Plaza, just next to it. But there wasn't a bus terminal seen anywhere.

I walked further on, and just outside of Diners Club International, there was a man whom I asked for directions from. Initially, he asked me to go to Golden Mile Tower which was the other side of the road, about 10 minutes walk away. But it couldn't be! I showed him my printout which stated clearly "The Plaza".

He then pointed to the building next to Diner's Club. "That's the Plaza," he told me. Yeah, I know. But where? I didn't see any bus terminals?

Well, in fact The Plaza was behind Parkroyal Hotel .... at that time, I did not know that. I went straight to Parkroyal and asked the concierge, and the kindly man was nice enough to show me the way to the basement where the waiting area was. 

Nice Executive Lounge
There's coffee, tea and water here ... and papers to read .... just sit down, relax  and watch some tv while waiting for the bus. Soon, many other passengers started coming in .... 

The bus was supposed to depart at 1.00 p.m., but in fact, it only departed at 1.30 p.m. We went out from Tuas Second Link ... and by the time we cleared the Malaysian custom, it was 4.30 p.m. 

Nice provided refreshment in the bus! 

The bus made 2 stops - once at an R & R somewhere in Johor (I can't remember where) and another time at A Famosa to drop off passengers. When I reached TBS, it was 9.00 p.m. Yawn.


  1. I enjoy walking around the SG city alone, u will never get bored with those scenery....the statues, landscape and buildings! everything is jst so nice!

  2. Yes, I like Singapore too. For me, the directions are very clear, and the signs are very helpful, and it's very easy to find my way around.



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