Friday, December 4, 2015

Homecooked Mee Suah Chicken Soup

So I was having a craving for chicken soup and mee suah. And today, I decided to cook it myself. Nope, it's not my birthday. I just want to eat it.

Looking good :)) 

And I had the chicken drumstick marinated overnight in red wine. I used Mom's homemade red glutinous rice wine, which had a burgundy hue. I also soaked good quality Shiitake mushrooms overnight.

The next day, I sauteed ginger in sesame oil in my pan, and then seared the marinated chicken for a while, before adding mushrooms, wolfberries, and water to simmer ... and then I transferred the chicken and the broth into a pot and boiled for at least an hour.

When ready, I blanched some mee suah and served it in the soup. It tasted naturally sweet - no msg, no salt at all. Of course I wanted a hard-boiled egg with my noodles .... and served it with chilli padi and light soy sauce. Yumms. ))



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