Sunday, December 13, 2015

Madeleine Cafe & Patisserie

We had pastries and tea for lunch. Madeleine's just opened recently at The Spring, so we dropped by during lunch time ..... and had these :

Artisan tea, a confection named Ivory Raspberry, and almond croissant. 

The sweets were good .... the Ivory Raspberry had a nutty base, and was rich and milky, and melted in the mouth in a satisfying explosion, and filled with raspberry preserve (I think) in the centre. Quite nice. The almond croissant was salty and buttery ... very pleasant indeed. We both enjoyed our tea here, and as we looked outside to the road, we wished there was a mountain and a lake and cool weather. Lol. That would make the experience even more ideal. :))

Tea - we had Straits Chai and Earl Grey Lavender at RM7.90 each; Almond Croissant was RM5.90, and Ivory Raspberry was RM14,90.

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