Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Noms On Street : Beefed Out Burger

I wanted a burger for dinner. And Noms On Street was on my mind. Today, for some reason, I waited quite long for my order .... hmn ....

The packaging

Beefed Out Burger, RM8.00
Soggy when I got home because the burger sweated .... 

The mess inside .... 

Okie. I liked the beef patty. But the entire burger was a tad too salty for me. The bread was too soft, the bacon jam + homemade sauce was too wet, coupled with the sweat .... everything was just too mushy.

It would probably be fine if eaten straight away .... but by the time it was taken home, it had turned unappetising. Maybe the vendor should rethink about the packaging .... how about using boxes? Would that reduce to sweat? Because the last time when I had the Mamma Mia Sandwich which was packed in a box, the sandwich still looked and tasted good when I got home. Just a thought. :))

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