Saturday, November 10, 2012

Banana Muffin

It's fun to see little colouful packages of breads, buns and confectionery at the supermarkets. Gardenia is probably the oldest player in the market. After that, newer brands started to emerge, and now there are in the market High Five, Mighty White, and Massimo, among others.

At the airport, sales of these breads and confectionery were brisk. Passengers (maybe ONLY those from East Malaysia ... lols ... cause we can't get them over here ... or even if they are available are sold at double the original price ... daylight robbery if you ask me) like to buy breads ... so I joined in the crowd and bought back some for my friends and I.

Today at work, I opened a packet of Mighty White Banana Muffins. There were 2 pieces in the pack and cost RM2.50. Never bought them before, my first time trying this.

 Mighty White Banana Muffins

Lunch ..

Hmn ... the texture was alright, the muffin was moist ... but I found it to be too strong and artificial in flavour ... it was quite sweet too. So, flavour wise, I would not say that it was mighty good. ;p

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